Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Ordinance Series 2012
Ordinance No. 12-05

An Ordinance to Amend
Title 17
Of the Code of Emmitsburg


Be It Enacted and Ordained by the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Emmitsburg, Maryland that Chapter 17.36.020 of the Emmitsburg Municipal Code be, and it hereby is, amended as follows:

The amended section of this regulation reads as follows with new language designated by being in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS, and language being deleted designated by being stricken through.


17.36.020 Uses permitted in the village zone (VZ).

Uses permitted in the village zone are as follows:

A. Town houses, duplexes, multifamily and single-family dwellings;

B. Churches, schools, libraries, museums, parks, playgrounds and community centers;

C. Nursery schools or child day care centers provided the play area is fully fenced and one parking space per employee is provided, and one hundred (100) square feet of open space per child is provided;

D. Boarding and lodging and bed and breakfast if one additional paved off-street parking space per bedroom is provided;

E. Medical centers, rest homes and nursing homes; provided off-street parking is provided for each attendant or worker and for each three patients to be cared for therein;

F. Clubs, lodges, hospitals, sanitariums, institutions and fire departments;

G. Neighborhood Retail Outlets. Furniture, clothing, dry goods, shoe and variety service, and sales and service for small and large appliances;

H. Food, Drug and Beverages. Grocery, fruit or vegetable stores, meat markets, delicatessens, drug stores, bakery in conjunction with retail sales, restaurants, tea rooms, and cocktail lounges; retail wine and spirit shops;

I. Specialty Shops. Gift shops, jewelry stores, magazine, book, and stationery outlets; except no store that sells pornographic or other obscene materials shall be permitted; florist shops, camera and photography shops, and studios, sporting goods, antique shops, taxidermists, bicycle sales and service;

J. Service and Recreation. Laundromats, dry cleaning and laundry pickup stations, barber and beauty shops, dressmaking and millinery shops, shoe repair and tailor shops, mortuaries, indoor storage, commercial recreation, repair shops for small appliances and small articles, newspaper printing, and publishing facilities, print shops, print brokers, furnace, heating, computer, plumbing and tire shops, volunteer fire departments, and ambulance service, public service buildings and offices, and meeting places for nonprofit organizations;, SALES AND SERVICE OF SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZE OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT, NOT TO EXCEED 25 MP AND 2500 LB IN WEIGHT;

K. Business and Professional Office. Medical and dental offices and clinics, law offices, insurance and real estate offices, banks, finance, and utility company offices;

L. Home occupation.

(Ord. 04-21 (part): Ord. 04-09: Ord. 00-16: prior code Art. XI (Art. V-A (part))


Be it Further Resolved, Enacted and Ordained
that this Ordinance shall take effect on the date on which the Mayor approves the Ordinance after passing by the Board of Commissioners or on the date on which the Board of Commissioners pass the Ordinance over the veto of the Mayor.

Passed this ___ day of ____, 2012 by a vote of __ for, __ against, __ absent, and __ abstain.

By:  /s/  Donna DesPres, Town Clerk

Board of Commissioners
By:  /s/  Christopher Staiger, President

Approved this ___ day ___, 2012
By:  /s/   James Hoover, Mayor



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