Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Planning Commission Minutes
Emmitsburg Town Office
June, 2004

Text Amendments to Code Section 17.36.20 Uses Permitted in the Village Zone

Mr. Lucas presented a staff report

Commissioner Walbrecker inquired on the intent of a reference to bakeries in the code. Mr. Lucas responded that the intent was to allow a retail operation, not industrial scale production.

Mr. Kapriva asked if the reference to wine and spirits would also cover the sale of beer. Mr. Lucas said yes this was also covered.

Mr. Briggs asked a follow up question on the reference to bakeries. Mr. Lucas attempted to further clarify the difference between an industrial and a retail bakery operation.

Public Comment:

Mr. Gary Stouter commented that he agreed with the details of Mr. Lucas presentation concerning liquor licensing and did not oppose the text amendment to paragraph (H) presented by staff.

Mr. Pat Boyle commented that he did not oppose the proposed amendments. He did question how any chemicals involved in print shop operation would be disposed. Mr. Lucas responded that this was subject to county inspection and regulation.

Ms. Lisa Elder, representing Chronicle Press, said that she supported the update of the ordinance, briefly reviewed the history of Chronicle Press in Emmitsburg, and stated her opinions on her interactions with another business owner in the Village Zone, her interactions with the Town, and her response to the previous speaker. At this point Mr. Boyle rose to respond to Ms. Elder. Chairman Staiger briefly intervened, requesting that all parties remain non-confrontational and polite. After some brief discussion, he then asked Ms. Elder to continue and to make an effort to wrap up her comments.

Mr. Dave Runkle stated that he supported the proposed text amendments.

MOTION by Commissioner Walbrecker to provide a favorable recommendation to the Town Council on the Staff=s proposed text amendments to Code Section 17.36.020 (see staff report for exact text). The motion was seconded by Mr. Lind.

VOTE: Approved 4-0. Mr. Briggs abstained.