Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Planning Commission Minutes
Emmitsburg Town Office
February, 2004

Reorganization per 17.16.010 B

Election of Chairman:

Motion: Mr. Staiger nominated for the position of Chairman by Mr. Sweeney and seconded by Mr. Briggs.

Vote: 5-0 to approve the nomination of Mr. Staiger Chairman.

Election of Vice Chairman:

Motion: Mr. Briggs nominated for the position of Vice-Chairman by Mr. Lind and seconded by Mr. Staiger.

Vote: 5-0 to approve the nomination of Mr. Briggs Vice-Chairman.

Election of Secretary:

Motion: Mr. Lind nominated for the position of Secretary by Commissioner Sweeney and seconded by Mr. Briggs.

Vote: 5-0 to approve the nomination of Mr. Lind Secretary.

Non Agenda Item addressed at the request of Commissioner Sweeney:

At the request of Commissioner Sweeney, Chairman Staiger recognized Mr. Rodney Ridenour of 130 DePaul Street, Emmitsburg. Mr. Ridenour presented some potential difficulties he had discovered while attempting to secure approval for an addition to the primary structure on the lot and requested direction on how to proceed. Following additional input from Michael Lucas B Town Planner, input from Mayor Hoover, and question and comment from the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mr. Ridenour was advised by the Commission to complete the required application process with the Emmitsburg Planning Office and await a decision based on current Emmitsburg zoning ordinances. If the Planning Office were to deny Mr. Ridenour=s application, he would then be able to take the issue to the Board of Appeals.

Agenda Items:

  1. Access Control Plan B Silo Hill Car Wash, W.F. DeLauter & Sons

Mr. Lucas announced that the applicant had requested that the agenda item be withdrawn without prejudice pending the applicant=s further review with staff.

Motion: To withdrawal the Access Control Plan application without prejudice by Mr. Briggs and seconded by Mr. Lind.

Vote: 5-0 to approve the motion

Residential Sprinkler B Referral from Mayor and Board of Commissioners

Staff report: presented by Mr. Lucas B see attached

Applicant@ Presentation: comments and video presentation by Mr. Tim Clarke, Past President of Emmitsburg Volunteer Fire Department.

Discussion with Mr. Clarke: Mr. Henry questioned who would be responsible for initial and follow up inspections. Mr. Briggs commented that he would like to follow up inspections at the time of resale of the property as well as auxiliary pumps in individual dwellings so that the system was not completely reliant on town water pressure. Commissioner Sweeney also supported the concept of auxiliary pumps. Mr. Clarke commented that Frederick County Inspectors might be available and that auxiliary pumps would be a possibility. Mr. Lind commented on the expense of retrofitting current homes. Mr. Staiger asked if there was any effort underway at the county level. Mr. Clarke responded that no formal presentation had been made. Mr. Staiger asked Mr. Clarke to explain the positive impact of this program on the Vigilant Hose Company (VHC). Mr. Clarke stated that given a decrease in volunteers at the VHC and an increase in demand for service, this program would have a positive impact.

Public Comment: Mr. Harold Craig spoke in favor of a positive endorsement by the Commission.

Motion: to approve a positive recommendation endorsing the Residential Sprinkler System Concept to the Mayor and Board of Town Commissioners by Mr. Briggs, and seconded by Mr. Henry.

Vote: 5-0 to approve the motion

Continuing review and update of the 1998 Comprehensive Plan

Chapter One: Introduction

Action: Retain basic text on purpose and process of Comprehensive Plan Review with limited corrections and update by staff.

Chapter Two: 1974 Emmitsburg Comprehensive Plan

Action: Update to provide an overview of the 1998 Comprehensive Plan

Chapter Three: Demographic Element

Action: Request staff to update population change and regional growth comparisons with 1990 to 2000 US Census Information. Request staff update of projected growth comparisons, income change comparisons, and to provide educational attainment comparisons.

Updates by staff will be reviewed at the March Meeting. Review of Chapter Four: Land Use Element to begin at the March Meeting with special attention to the update of land use maps B which Mr. Lucas commented might require county involvement.

Motion: by Mr. Henry to adjourn, and seconded by Mr. Briggs

Vote: 5-0 to approve the motion.