Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland


Emmitsburg Parks Committee Meeting Minutes

November18th 2014

Present: Sandy Umbel, Jennifer Mellor Matt Donahue Absent: Dave McCarthy was absent w/ prior notification, Carolyn Miller and Alejandro Canadas absent


a. Pet Parade-Sandy Umbel has contacted Miss Poffenberger from the Catoctin FFA. She will get back to us after the holidays.

b. Matt Donahue spoke about ideas to tweak the kickball tournament. He and Dave McCarthy will work together again.

i. Need more volunteers

ii. Game times need to be regulated-it was a long day and folks were losing interest or had other obligations.

2. Stephanie Andrews was voted on the committee. Sandy Umbel will forward her contact information.

3. The committee had a brief discussion about Ordinance 14-14, Cluster Zoning Recreational facilities- 17.42.020, H. Members of the committee will review and give feedback.

4. The committee was updated on the work the town has done to Community/Silo Hill parks

5. The committee will work together to assess the "park" area located near the press box at the ball fields and make recommendations for upgrades for 2015-16 if funds are available and or can be obtained.

Submitted 11/24/14 by Jennifer Mellor