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Something personal about Paul....

Having purchased a 300 year old house in Middletown, Paul keeps pretty busy. Paul and Debbie have put in an abundance of time into their home and gardens. Paul recently added an addition to their home.  This included a dinning room and painting studio for Debbie.  In the spring/summer of 2005 he plans putting on a new wrap around deck and remodeling the kitchen!

All four children are doing very well. Bethany having graduated college, is now finishing up her paralegal degree in Louisville, Kentucky (two more months). While she works a full time job, pays her bills and finds time to workout! Brice is living in Philadelphia after completing four years at Ursinus College.  He is happier then ever,  having recently purchased his first car, a beautiful Pathfinder.  He's working two jobs and still doing as much traveling as possible.  His and his darling girlfriend Megan's Christmas gift from Paul and Debbie is a skiing trip to New Hampshire in February. Karly is working, while attending FCC and Vincent is back from Oklahoma attending Hood College.   Paul and Debbie are very proud of each and every one of them.

The Shirbach's purchased a new Jeep sport this summer and are planning on finding time this year to travel and take a couple of well earned vacations.  In the meantime, they continue to work hard and enjoy the free time they do have with hobbies and just simply being together. 

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