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We don't need permission slips...

The Bush Reelection Campaign, which began a couple weeks after his inauguration in 2001, has reached a new phase this week, as the campaign team has started tapping the estimated $150 Million that has been donated to his election race.

A few of the news stations picked up on the new high-budget, pro-Bush commercials that started running in the last few days. Most of them are just sappy, including Bush talking about how he knows what to do to protect America and bring back jobs, etc.

One of the more interesting commercials criticized John Kerry for refusing to support the war until the the U.S. got approval from the United Nations. Except it was worded differently so that it suggested he refused to approve a war that was necessary for America's safety.

This was really disgusting on several levels, which I will discuss below:

  1. This was referring to the War in Iraq, which had nothing to do with protecting America. We were attacked by Bin-Laden, out of Afghanistan, and the U.S. did get international support for that war quite easily.
  2. Even Bush said, after no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, that the War in Iraq was not waged because America was in any imminent danger.
  3. Since when is it a bad thing to want international approval before going to war with a smaller, poorer, and weaker country? Oh right...the permission slip thing. Except, once again, we weren't in any imminent danger.
  4. This is increasing the divide between the U.S. and the rest of the world. If it's a bad thing for a politician to want cooperation with the other nations of the world, Bush is saying that he has no plans to "play nicely" with other countries if he is reelected.

The whole commercial just provided more evidence to show that President Bush is one of the worst diplomats in our country's history. Since his election, our list of allies has dwindled, and our list of enemies has increased drastically, and included some more intimidating foes. Why?

I doubt that any of those who know why will be voting for Bush this November.

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Scott Zuke - 2004