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On John Kerry's Chances

It looks like it's going to be Kerry against Bush in the upcoming presidential election. Kerry has been unstoppable in the primaries and caucuses across the country for the last few weeks, and his remaining competition seems to be hanging around just so that states like Maryland, which didn't have a chance to vote for its favorite democrat before the list of candidates was cut in half, don't feel so left out.

I remember the first time I heard about Kerry entering the race.

  • Name with four or fewer syllables: check
  • Presidential looking: check
  • Military background: check
  • GOOD military background: check, check!!
  • Disagrees with War in Iraq: check
  • Anti-Bush, and vocally so: check

It just kept going like that. That first day, I though, "Now this sounds like a guy who could actually beat Bush." At the time, the media was talking mostly about Howard Dean. All I knew about him then was that I had never heard of him, he didn't have a notable military career, and his mouth looked kinda weird.

A little while later, Wesley Clark entered the race, and sounded even MORE electable. But we have all seen what happened to him. I guess it comes down to more than who looks better or who has the better military background.

I guess my first instincts about Kerry turned out to be correct.

And I'm still looking forward to seeing him go face to face against Bush"

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