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A Prayerful Farewell to Students
Who Are Graduating

Rev. Paul V. Redmond
Professor Emeritus
Department of Philosophy
Mount St. Mary's University

Thank you, Abba, Father of Jesus, for your gift of these students whom we honor at this season.

Dear rising graduates, comrades in a lifelong quest: May you always have a blissful yearning for whatever is beautiful, true and good. May you growth be ever marked by a sharper and discerning understanding. May you always have a healthy sense of doubt and not be afraid to question yourself, anyone and any institution-religious, educational, or civil.

In your ceaseless search for beauty which leads you to truth and goodness, be you "tender toward the bashful, gentle toward those who are distant, and merciful toward the absurd." Be you graced by the Lord to continue to mature in having an understanding heart and hands of love to respond deeply to the needs of others so easily overlooked.

You are always more than the face that returns your wink or your blink or even your "double-take" in the bathroom mirror. You are always more than the radiant face in the hearts of those who love you. On eagles' wings of God's grace -aided by the Father, Son, and Spirit -- may you become "spellbound in blissful yearning" to live out what your genuine, unique reality beautifully and truly is: you, the "beloved of God."

Bless all of us, dear Father, in the Holy Spirit through Jesus, your Son and our Brother, to do the right, love goodness and walk humbly with you.

Inspiration from: John Henry Newman "The Gentleman" Idea of a University and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - poem: "Selige Sehnsucht" ("Blissful Yearning")

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