Children Make Christmas Cards

On November 12 children from all churches were invited to create Christmas cards to be given with the holiday food baskets donated to local families by the Lions Club and Seton Center with the assistance of the community. 19 children from Elias Lutheran Church, Tom's Creek United Methodist and Incarnation United Church of Christ gathered in the fellowship hall at Incarnation United Church of Christ and with the direction of Susan Allen and Edith Long enjoyed a card-making workshop. Adult volunteers were there with a helping hand. 160 cards were crafted that afternoon and each participant received a document of recognition for participating in this "Hands of a Child Ministry." The Emmitsburg Council of Churches donated funds for the pizza that was shared by all. Susan Allen, who spearheaded the project, hopes that it will become a continuing tradition for community children.

Susan Allen explains the cardmaking to the workers.

Edie Long and Chris Glass organize the materials.

Chris Glass and Victoria Forrest share a fun moment.

An afternoon's work and fun produced 160 cards to be distributed with food baskets.