Incarnation United Church of Christ
 Keeps the Plaque!!!

CROP WALK chairman and Emmitsburg Food Bank director Phyllis Kelly presents Incarnation's CROP WALK recruiter Brian Glass with the plaque for the most money collected for the walk in 2005. Incarnation has won this award since its inception in 1999.

Incarnation United Church of Christ did it again-brought in the most money for the CROP Walk. Members and friends of UCC raised $1980 for the local Crop Walk held on October 23, 2005. Toms Creek United Methodist Church had the most walkers with 26 people participating. The total amount raised was over $5000, so it was another great years for the CROP Walk. More than $1000 of that money will stay with our local food bank. Thank you and congratulations, walkers!

Incarnation UCC Sunday School Aids
 Katrina Victims

On November 19, 2005 Susan and Jay Allan and Brian and Morgan Glass took bag loads of goods collected by Incarnation's Sunday School for the displaced families of victims of hurricane Katrina to Fairfield. Immediately following the disaster, Sunday School director Susan Allen contacted the Mennonite church in Fairfield who sponsors a disaster relief team to find out what items were needed in the South. She distributed a list of the needed items to the Sunday School and the congregation and they responded with generosity. On November 19, Susan and her husband Jay, and Morgan Glass, a member of the Sunday School, and her father Brian, loaded up their vehicles and delivered the packages to the church in Fairfield. Incarnation is grateful it could help in this small way to assist our neighbors in need.


Photo 2) Susan and Jay Allen and Morgan carry donated items to the activities room at the Mennonite Church in Fairfield, PA.