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Make a Donation

We hope you've enjoyed our web site and all its contents.  As noted in our Mission and Goals page, the goal of the Greater Emmitsburg Area Historical Society to capture these stories and to document them for all time.

To carry out this task, the Greater Emmitsburg Area Historical Society has undertaken a nine year effort to document the detailed history of Emmitsburg and the surrounding area from the very first settlers to the present time.

A key component in our effort is the identification of the families that once called Emmitsburg home.  As part of this task, we have begun efforts to collect and organize all the deeds for the 15,000 or so acres surrounding the Emmitsburg area.  The results of our efforts to date are posted on this site. 

It goes without saying, that over 275 years, the number of deeds for 15,000 acres is an impressive number, at with each deed being on average, two pages long, at 25 cents a page, the cost of our effort can quickly add up.  Add into this the cost of zeroxing old newspaper accounts and you're suddenly talking an significant expenditure of money.

So if you're a lover of Emmitsburg's history, and would like to help us in our effort, please consider making a contribution. If you're comfortable with using Pay-Pal, please click on the button to the right and make your donation on line.

If you would like to make a donation via a check, please e-mail us at history@emmitsbug.net for more information.


The Greater Emmitsburg Area Historical Society