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How to read the Land Chronicles 

Starting with the original land grants, each transfer is listed in chronological order.    Each entry represents a deed, and includes the deed date, the seller and purchaser, the amount of land sold, and the selling price. [# indicate Pound Sterling]

Acreage is only listed if a portion of the land is sold [indicated by a - in front of the date], otherwise, the full property was sold.  When a portion of a property is sold, clicking on the hyperlink will take you the farm that the block joined.  Likewise, when land is joined to a new block [indicated by a + in front of the date], clicking on the link next to it will take you to the farm it was separated from.

In many cases, we're still working on working the deed back to the original owner, or up to the present owner, while listing those deeds may cause a bit of confusion, we've nevertheless decided to do it for those looking for a particular family name.  In these cases, the deed are stand alone.

For example, the following deeds all deal with land that is part of the original grant for Cat Tell Branch:

8/1/1849  Sarah Taney -> William Black 10a $200 

9/7/1858  Harris est. -> William Black 52a $627

11/6/1802 Ignatius Livers -> Henry Black 11a
3/10/1810  Henry Black -> William Black 'Jacobs Neglect'

But since we haven't as of yet discovered who the first named person bought the land from, or the last named sold it to, we have no way of organizing the.  In the last example however, we do know that the land Henry Black bought from Ignatius Liver was sold by him to William Black, so those two deeds are grouped together.

As we learn more about these 'Orphan deeds', we'll be able to group them accordingly.  In the mean time, please bear with us!

Lastly, we suggest that in looking for a given name, you use your browser's 'find' function, in addition, while we have tried to get the spelling of all names correct, we can't guarantee it, so try spelling names you are seeking various ways.

If you find a deed that interest you, let us know, we can  scan you a copy  - our charge is $10 per deed (sorry - we would like to do it for free - but we have to cover our costs).  For an extra $10, we'll plot the deed out for you and send a map showing where the land is.  Our cost however are waved if in exchange, you can send us a good story about the owners in question.  To get an idea what we mean by 'good' story, take a peek at our current list of History stories.