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How to Get Copies of a Deed 

If you find a deed that interest you, let us know, we can scan you a copy - But there's a fee:

  • There is no cost if you send us a good story about the owners in question. To get an idea what we mean by 'good' story, take a peek at our current list of history stories.   
  • If you are unable to send us a story about the owners, our charge is $25 per deed. Sorry - we would like to do it for free - but we have to cover our costs. For an extra $10, we'll plot the deed out and send a map showing where the land is.  
  • If we don't have the deed, we charge $35/hour for deed research.  All proceeds are used to cover the cost of zeroxing deeds we uncover in our never ending deed research effort.

For more information, or to request a deed, E-mail us at history@emmitsburg.net