To educate, to interpret and to preserve

“Basket after basket of provisions was passed around. The old battle scarred boys of the battery, with their farmers’ hats were indeed an object of curiosity to those sweet and dear ladies. Several boys could not resist the tender smiles of the fairer sex; I was one of the first victims, so we gave them our straw hats as souvenirs. I doubt not that some of those hats are still treasured by some of the ladies in that locality yet.” Private Henry Matthews, Stuart's Horse Artillery CSA

"The Army of the Potomac was truly a beautiful sight and describes as grand but horrible the passing of the wagons, ambulances, cannons, etc, which were coming early dawn till nightfall. ... They camped around Emmitsburg. Their campfires, as viewed from the college windows, almost led one to imagine that this section for miles had received in one shower all the stars of the heavens." Dr. Thomas C. Moore, Mount Saint Mary's College