Civil War Heritage of Emmitsburg

To educate, to interpret and to preserve

“My pickets were driven in at Emmitsburg this afternoon (July 30) about one mile from the town by about 200 rebels. I was in danger of being cut off with my command, as there are a great many by-roads running down from the mountains."  Captain R. M. Evans, Philadelphia City Scouts, July 1864


Photograph of Emmitsburg after the Civil War

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A post Civil War photograph taken along the Mason & Dixon Line of the Emmitsburg area.

Welcome to the website of the Civil War Heritage of Emmitsburg, a new interpretive program designed to enhance the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Civil War and the role Emmitsburg participated. The Civil War Heritage of Emmitsburg will explore two main areas of Emmitsburg Civil War history. The first is the Soldier’s Experience that will cover the men from Emmitsburg that fought for the armies of the Confederacy and the Union. The second area is called the Home Front that will cover the men who encamped and traveled through Emmitsburg.

Throughout the website you will see various pictures at the top of each page highlighting the Emmitsburg area as closely as possible to the time period of the Civil War. You will also notice different quotes at the top of each page taken from first hand accounts of citizens of Emmitsburg and soldiers who passed through the town describing what they saw and experienced.

The program is sponsored by the Monterey Pass Battlefield Association and the Emmitsburg Historical Society. Together, these two organizations recognize the importance of Emmitsburg during the Civil War. Our goal is to identify & raise awareness to educate the public about the historical significance of the Emmitsburg Area during the Civil War.