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Loons Vs Loons

From the

November 23, 2010

My daughter of My Heart of My reign, My Sonís reign on earth---the Divine Kingly Reign of My Sonís Sacred Heart,

My daughter, Mel Gibsonís death is a warning to all the world of the validity of your revelations, and warnings of the deaths of those dying damned, living, idolizing EWTN, those of EWTN, especially Mother Angelica. My Heart grieves most for the entire loss of souls who believe they are Catholic or are of the Catholic Church and are not. They are living the heinous sins of idolatry that are so evident in these times, the times of the vast chastisements preceding My Sonís and My reign.

My daughter, the divisions in the Church allowed the idolatry of Mother Angelica to grow at a very rapid pace because of the lack of faith among the faithful, the dissolution of much of the traditions of the Church before Vatican II, and the rising growth of liberalism and idolatry of Catholic images that are of the media. Mother Angelicaís entire community of religious bear the brunt and judgement that is due Mother Angelica for ruining the purity of the Church, the prayer, prayer lives of those built around My Son, the closeness of those that had lived prayer lives fervently for years before television idolatry was introduced especially Catholic media. Enough publications and book houses have usurped the focus of the Church, the true mission of My Son: penance and prayer. My Son did not give example of any use of media or rising publications, or immense numbers of books existing in His time on earth, to cause the growth of His Mission of the salvation of souls. Instead My Son taught by Word of mouth, by clear examples, by His Humility, Suffering, enduring persecution for Righteousí sake even when His enemies sought to kill Him.

The Church has misused and allowed the rise of the immense loss of souls by idolizing the media and encouraging the media growth itself. From the beginning the Vatican and the Holy Father should have been discouraging the rise of any media, discouraging the growth of Catholic idolatry of the media, and discouraging Catholics from using media or endless pursuit of publications, stores of trinkets and distraction, to keep them from spending direct time One to one before My Son before the Eucharist, for their salvation. They have instead chosen entertainment, Catholic films, Catholic books that are written, and rewritten, instead of choosing to spend that time in prayer directly before My Son, with My Intercession turning to Me as the Mother of all needs, all sorrows, the Mother that will heal them and lead them to My Son, to bring them to salvation, to assist them to His Reign.

Eternal life is forever. It is eternity. Every moment wasted on endless promotion of new authors, new writers of new books, when My Sonís Book, the Book of Life, is all that any souls ever need that contains any Words necessary for salvation. No other books are needed, nor any other prayer books other than MY Sonís Sacred Scripture and devotion to Me, My daughter, the prayers that have been revealed by Me by divine revelation that is valid, and truly of Me, for My Sonís reign, My reign that will precede His and hasten His on earth.

I desire the Vatican rein in the endless book publications without imprimaturs, and hasten My Sonís reign by ending the idolatry and endless distractions of products, of those endorsed by the Vatican, the sports, entertainment, the idolatry of the world, those of the world: especially Catholics claiming to be either Catholic who are not, living in idolatry of self and the world, and those of the world; or those that are claiming to be Catholic in name only because they choose (labor of) the idolatrous industries of film, television, any music, sports, politics, media. All these industries are of idolatry. They are without the reign of My Son or any obedience to Him. They cause rampant mortal sins to send souls to hell every day, millions upon millions of souls, damned every day, because of the idolatry of these industries, also those of these industries, including so called Catholic films, Catholic television, Catholic music, sports in Catholic name of Church or other teams, politics that have supposed Catholics of their political parties, Catholic media, especially EWTN damning the most souls outside the secular industries of these times.

Those idolizing EWTN are damned, My daughter, this is My grief of these times, that so many Catholics are no longer Catholic appearing on EWTN, trading their eternal salvation for earthly glory and laboring against My Sonís reign. They serve the Antichrist, laboring against My Sonís Virtues of Humility, Hiddeness, and renouncing the world, seeking the glory of His Fatherís reign. Every idolater of EWTN is damned. Everyone that has cable or dish to watch EWTN has become an idolater; they are damned, My daughter, I have spoken to you before of this horrible grief that is of the sorrow of My Sonís Heart and of My Immaculate Heart every day, for many years.

Mother Angelica has the greatest accountability before My Sonís Throne of any public Catholic figure in name only, because she has traded her eternal glory breaking the vows of enclosure, poverty, living without humility and placing herself as an idol while doing this in My Sonís Name, destroying the lives of many, many souls. So many have damned themselves spending their lives watching EWTN or around EWTN, its films, its programs elevating new idols every day, always seeking ways to continue its idolatry of itself and the media, claiming My Sonís Name, that this is today the greatest cause of the loss of immense numbers of souls that is outside the secular industries, changing the face of the Church and bringing an untold worldliness to exist in the Church that would never have been otherwise.

Anyone appearing for any EWTN programs have lost their souls, even one appearance, for wanting the earthly glory instead of renouncing the media and keeping their anonymity or privacy away from media idolatry, saving their souls.

You will never been in the media, My daughter, nor have any media of any events or revelations or prophetic deaths of which you warn or have warned, you will remain hidden until you move to the country you are destined to move to soon, this for My and My Sonís reign. There your stigmata will be visible; there the souls removed from the scourge of EWTN, idolatry in any form, removed also from the scourge of MY Sonís wrath will, in recognizing you as a true Messenger of My Immaculate Heart, My Sonís Sacred Heart, there they will see you are My Sonís reign, that you are bringing My reign on earth.

Those that mock what you say or speak for Me, My daughter, these mocking you, these attackers that attack My Immaculate Heart in you, attack My Sonís Sacred Heart, attack the Truth of His Gospel that Mother Angelica and her followers of idolaters that praise her and worship her deny: they deny My Son elevating Mother Angelica as a false messiah, a false god; they follow what is outside the Church, because this is pagan, despite it being accomplished mocking and misusing MY Sonís Name; and the distancing Mother Angelica has caused souls from My Son because of the reliance upon her media rather than turning directly to My Son in their local Churches for prayer and keeping Him company in vigil, this distancing and the changes of worldliness and loss of faith increased by Mother Angelicaís idolatry and those identifying the Catholic Church by her and those that appear on her programs, this will be the distance she will have from MY Son eternally, My daughter, the great chasm that exists between MY Son and souls that listen to or watch any of her programs from the beginning of her start of EWTN, the distance that great for Mother Angelica from My Sonís Throne, from her place in hell: for her mockery of the Gospel, her vows as a nun that she does not live, the idolatry of her nuns that are of the community because of her idolatry and her role of spreading idolatry in the world in My Sonís Name as if Catholic or of salvation. This is not, My daughter, and you were warned that any religious order appearing there, any programs, any laity that have appeared, any clergy, they are without salvation, they are damned. This is the reality, My daughter, that many will want to deny because you speak the Truth.

It is the Truth you speak. My Son gave you His words long ago about this, I have spoken to you repeatedly of My sorrow that Mother Angelica has ever started the idolatry of Catholic media and caused its spread throughout the world causing this immense loss of souls, her own salvation taken away from her, the loss of immense numbers of clergy, laity, religious orders who have appeared for her programs, over the decades, all of these who have appeared for her programs or of idolatry of her denied salvation, denied My Sonís reign.

Regardless of what the world will speak or what the Catholic idolaters of the media speak, of any media: secular media, social media, so called Catholic media, My daughter: the Church is not converting enough souls to the True Faith because it is watered down by any support of Mother Angelica or EWTN. This damage to the Faith as been happening from the beginning of her programs and her idolatry, that has become pagan. Souls are turning from true worship of My Son to worship a nun as satan in His Place on earth. Anyone that places themselves as idols in the world in any way, seeking attention of others or approval of others especially those of the media, these are all damned. Not one of the harlots or idols are saved of secular or Catholic: film, television, music-even Catholic music if they have had media attention or sensation, of sports-any claiming to be Catholic of sports is wasting their time in the idolatry of this, of politics especially those breaking MY Sonís teachings and examples-mocking Him every day by what they do or say as political leaders, any of the media, the secular media damned, especially those of Catholic media who are endlessly seeking attention, driven every day to seeking ways of selling products-selling their wares-selling other advertising, making business deals. My daughter, that is all they care about: money, materialism, their own status quo, and what they are seen as in the Church and the world in these times. My daughter, the sorrow of heaven is immense for the deceptions of EWTN and its lures to hell.

Since the beginning of the chastising divisions and attacks to the Church prior to and since Vatican II, endless souls have turned to Catholic media in a new idolatry to fill the void of their own spiritual lives and the worship that is only My Sonís alone for salvation, for those wanting to enter His reign. Mother Angelica instead of spiritual poverty has created a warehouse of peddled goods, marketing endless products, and for issues of faith making itself as if the Vatican or the main means of the instruction and catechism of the Church, and this worldliness of its media has hurt the integrity of the interior values of the soul, the need for prayer directly in the home for souls with My Son, without the interference of a television set or EWTN. This worldiness of EWTN media is damned. The insidious way satan has caused this idolatry and used this against Mother Angelica and the Church has damned her soul, and many, many souls over decades to this time. What a grief, My daughter, to My Immaculate Heart to witness this loss of souls every day. To this day, My daughter, millions are damned for idolatry of the media, Catholic media including especially and particularly EWTN. My grief is unaccounted for for the endless loss of souls idolizing and watching EWTN, making this their every day routine which is idolatry, turning to Catholic film, to Catholic television every day, to any form of media, every day, My daughter, giving the world and self more time than they give My Son. This is idolatry, this is damned.

Those that run websites for media, even Catholic media, are leading idolatrous lives, wanting idolatry of themselves, often see themselves usurping the role of the prayerful hidden priest who instructs the faithful as My Son instructed them, without cameras, without compu-ters, without media publications that have given rise to endless authors, writers wanting to make a name, to be seen as Catholic or accomplishing something making a way in the world by writing that is recognized by others, that is their vanity, their idolatry, their judgement. Idolatry is damned. These seeking idolatry or wanting attention have as their personal Judgement before My Son, that of damnation. Those that avoid the media, all attention of the media, wanting nothing to do with film, television, with any music idolatry, any sports idolatry, not idolizing or living for politics or the media, not watching television or reading media in print, these My daughter, are few. The homes without the lust, greed, idolatry, endless commercialism of these industries is few. So many souls lost by these idolatries, these frivolous distractions increasing in these times.

These that live without seeking attention in any parish, seeking any closeness or control of the priest, without any lust for the priests or the priests for the laity, without any endless travel from apparition site to apparition site, these that reject the gossip of the parish Churches, the programs, the groups that are endlessly formed for the purpose of socializing and even judging others based on the prayer groups they attend or found, these, My daughter, these that live without such idolatry, without wanting idolatry of others, these are of the Image of My Son, that are found only among those without gossip, without cliques, without judgement based on their worldly standing or accomplishments, or believing that those accomplishing something appearing for EWTN programs are better than those that do not, or that they are more Catholic or even to aghast to My Son and I believing that they are following some path of sanctity or to be seen as if saints. This is horrifying to all of heaven, My daughter, to My Son, to His Sacred Wounds, to His Sacred Heart, and to My Immaculate Heart. These are lies spread by satan, by idolatry, these are damned. Those living without any idolatry, without any seeking of attention from any of their local Churches or any clergy or laity, living truly lives of prayer and mortifying themselves in their own lives, rejecting the industries of idolatry, especially EWTN, these are those that follow My Son, the few today, the few of humility, purity towards others- these are spared the Judgement reserved for the idolaters of the Church, and to be judged much less than others, because they reject the idolatry of the times, they are not their own idols, nor seek idolatry of others, they are few, and these are on a better path than Mother Angelica and any that have ever appeared for any of her programs or shows the world over, since her damned network began.

Parishes are run by the few that fight or clamor for the highest places in their personal pride or lust towards the parish priest, and they are of those that are damned. Their judgement, My daughter, is so very great.

Any woman that has put a foot on the altar week after week distributing communion in the hand: these are among the many, many damned. They have the gravest judgement for trying to usurp the role of My Son, Sacred Priest, Victim, Who did not allow even His Mother the Virgin that I am, to touch as priest His consecrated Body in the Eucharist or consecrate His Sacred Blood. This, My daughter, is the example for women, to remain free of the protestantizing of the Church of the times, to remain free of the idolatry that is caused when women appear on the altar or before the faithful at Mass in any capacity in front of the Church, week after week wanting to be seen, or have a status that is of attention where they attend Mass, destroying My Sonís Sacred Priesthood, and character of the priest who alone is ordained to touch the consecrated host, to purify the Sacred vessels, to offer My Son worthily in some manner by prayer and penance that is evident in their detachment from all the faithful, and their detachment especially from any women that seek their attention, or want their attention, or are idolatrous and want to lead the priest into sexual idolatry of themselves or loss of purity, the loss of his eternal soul.

This impacts the graces of the Sacred altar, the Sacred Mass, the graces and merits that would be that parish congregationís in greater abundance if the priest did not watch EWTN, did not see or watch television every day as if a lay person, did not spend time before television or any films, did not follow the media, and did not allow gossip and cliques and formation of wrongful prayer groups that follow idolatry of the one leading it or the idolatry of the priest of the parish, this idolatry that is against My Sonís teachings, against His Example, against His Priesthood, against His reign. An idolatrous priest in any capacity has lost his soul and is damned, any priest idolatrous of the world, those of the world, the false idols of film, television, music, sports, politics, media, or any of the Church, either local or of a more celebrated media status of the Church.

These sins of attachment, these mortal sins of gossip, of seeking power or position among the parish congregation, seeking attention from the priest and wanting the attention in a public way when at Church, or wanting the attention of the priest in some attachment, groups that are overly attached to the priest in secular ways or those of the parish wanting to be indulged in secrets of the parish Church or lives of others, or the priest wanting the faithful to idolize Him in My Sonís stead, wanting the faithful to be attentive to him instead of being attentive to My Son by prayer and penance at Mass or whenever at Church by focusing always on My Son, and not the priest at any time during Mass in any attachment, instead focusing on the reality that My Son is Present, wants to be Present in their hearts, and wants them to prepare for Him and reception of Him by being free of all their sins, mortal and venial., the graces and merits are immediately impacted by such negligences and failures of the priest, as well as the sinful state of the laity, and many graces and merits are lost or ruined by the priest seeking attention when he steps to the altar or steps before congregation wanting attention, and wanting his parishioners to idolize him and please him instead of My Son alone all the time.

The priest is damned for such idolatry, My daughter, for not leading souls to My Son alone, for not seeking their own priestly worship of MY Son and instead their seeking and living the idolatry of the world, the media, films, television, having a television, focusing on or listening to hours of music in any form, watching sports in any way, when they should be praying and making penance for the salvation of souls; this idolizing and judgement includes politics in any way, especially clergy masons who are damned, any that idolize the media watching the media or reading it daily, instead of rejecting the world and spending time always when every moment allows in making acts of prayer and penance before My Son for their salvation, and the salvation of souls. This is addressed in warning for damnation especially for any priests watching films-television-media, especially any wasting their time at any time watching EWTN every day, any priests appearing for any programs there, any laity that are encouraged to this idolatry and that skip Mass to watch EWTN or do not want to pray without some means of EWTN or attachment to it; this damnation affecting always any priest of idolatry of EWTN or Mother Angelica, who is damned for this idolatry and all the souls she has stolen from My Son over the many years because they idolize her, put her programs and television first before My Son, as well as the Catholic media, and this damning such priests idolizing her or seeking attention or appearance for any shows, or priests speaking of EWTN encouraging souls to turn to this idolatry instead of turning directly to My Son and prayer which is this the only means of salvation, of the Catholic Church; the many, many priests, laity, religious, My daughter, that are damned. Such priests as I have described are many, such priests are damned.

Any religious order, no matter how strict or how severe appearing in their faith or renunciation of the world, as soon as they have appeared for an EWTN program or idolatry of Mother Angelica there, such religious priest or any religious order member is immediately damned. Their idolatry speaks volumes for their lack of renunciation of the world, their desire to be seen or believe they are worthy to speak for My Son or about My Son or I, safely, without losing their souls. They are wrong; they are damned. No religious order that idolizes EWTN or has appeared for an EWTN program, nor any laity appearing for the same, will ever enter My Sonís reign, appearing even one time, these are damned.

Any that watch EWTN every day are damned. I cannot emphasize this enough, My daughter. It is your mission to console Me, My Immaculate Heart, for this endless idolatry and loss of vast numbers of souls every day. Your obedience speaking My Words, at My request, to console Me, that I requested of you speaking out against this idolatry, speaking for the defense of My Sonís True Church, consoles Me, consoles My Sonís Sacred Heart, and souls will see you are right and speak for Me, for My Son, speaking My Words and His Words when soon I shall show the signs and work the miracles to show that you are My reign, the leader of My reign on earth, charged with destroying all the idolatry and pagan including Catholic, idols who are then damned for appearing as idols of these times.

Mother Angelica is damned for her ruination of the Church, for her idolatry of herself and the world before My Son, the idolatry of the media, especially what she has created, the horror of the massive loss of souls that is accomplished mocking My Sonís Name, such idolatry a mockery of His Sacred Name and Sufferings, My daughter, as all idolaters of EWTN are the false Catholics; all media Catholics and their idolatry of themselves; all false Catholics of false apparitions, false visionaries, false stigmatists; such Catholics following them are idolatrous of themselves most of all, this includes the endless computer use and mention of any clergy running blogs instead of spending that time and all time possible for prayer, the priests wasting time speaking endlessly writing via internet or technology instead of immersing themselves in prayer, or spending time every day in idolatry of the world in some way, even supposedly in My Sonís Name, My daughter, these priests are among the most damned.

You have the unique role, My daughter, of being the one to bring My earthly reign. You are the unifier, the one to prophesy the damnation of those damned, to warn those needing warning of their damnation, telling those already damned they are damned and why, seeing the truth of the times, and speaking against the extremes of the Church since Vatican II that began in the early 1900s with the rise of film and television, the development of the camera, and the loss of immense numbers of souls that began at the turn of the century with the idolatry of the time, that began that long ago. Styles and fashions became risque; mores were changed, lost; morality plummetted with the new technology that has continued to develop, until the end, now, of satanís reign. Soon satan will be defeated completely for all time, that you are to do, My daughter, you drawing the good of the Church from the bad, the wheat from the tares, ending the frauds of the false visionaries, false stigmatists, false priests, false laity, false apparitions that are neither valid nor to be publicly attended at any time, nor approved by the Church; you warning of the loss of the souls of the schismatic traditionalists who believe they are of the Church and are not, but outside it, believing they are beyond judgement, judging all of the Vatican II Church novus ordo Catholics as if damned, while they themselves are the damned for seeking a separate Church by breaking away from or condemning the True Church My Son founded, the only Church, from which He will reign. He will soon annihilate satan. He will soon reign. This reign given you to found, My daughter, exposing the frauds, speaking against idolatry, speaking against EWTN, against Hollywood idols, Hollywood films, Catholic films, all Catholic media, against all secular media always, against all secular music, idolatry of such music and pagan idols of , against the idolatry of and idols of Catholic music that have sought fame and fortune as idols instead of seeking prayer and penance before My Son claiming they have a gift from above. The gift from above is the salvation My Son brought teaching the world it must renounce anything worldly, living in penance and prayer every day those souls wanting salvation, wanting to see His reign. My daughter, He did not pray for the world. He prayed for those that His Father gave Him separated from it.

Mother Angelica is not separated from the world, nor any of her community, My daughter, they are damned. Nor is any Catholic media of salvation. It is of the world; the endless publications that are distractions to steal souls from prayer and penance, and cause them to seek endless distractions in reading the newest author promoted by EWTN or publishing houses, idols as writers emerging for new idolatry, new pagan idols that take from worship of My Son, from their own salvation these new idols, any idols, these are damned, My daughter, damned. It is eternal. They are damned.

What priest has not appeared before the media and not wished he never had done so because he became a changed priest, a changed man? What lay member? What nun? If they deny this, if they deny the loss of something that was sacred before their appearance for EWTN or Mother Angelica, they are liars, My daughter, they are of satan denying this loss, denying that they have lost what is in essence their souls believing they made a world of difference when instead they have idolized themselves and others before My Son; they are damned. Even the holiest appearing priest is a showman before the camera, putting his collar at the table of Judas selling his priesthood for the thirty pieces of silver. These priests, and any priests watching television every day, the media, any media, idolizing those of the media, of film, television, music, sports, politics, the media, these priests are damned, My daughter, along with the masons and KGB among the clergy who have not converted and continue to work against My Son and for the Antichristís reign. Anything of the idolatry of the times, of EWTN, especially, Mother Angelica, is of the Antichristís reign, the foundation for the damnation of souls, idolatry damning more souls than I can state My daughter, My grief and the grief of heaven very great for the loss of souls EWTN is causing every day, all idolatry of Mother Angelica, and this role of the Antichristís reign.

One of the signs of the Antichristís reign is the widespead distribution of the Gospel, My daughter, this meant also what would happen of the negative, My daughter: the idolatry of the media, those of the media, those preaching, and no women are to ever appear preaching publicly nor sell their enclosure vow or vow of poverty, to be idols before men. This is what Mother Angelica has done, and as caused scandal to the cloistered monasteries of the Church, wherever she or any of her television equipment or her broadcasts can be seen or watched inside their walls. Every rectory that has a television will burn to the ground in My Sonís wrath. Every monastery, convent, Church that has a television will be eradicated. Every home were satan reigns by every day cable and satellite watching of television, film, or EWTN, is damned. This is the truth of the idolatry of these times. Even fulfilled by or of Catholic nuns by name only whom satan called his own and called to him to betray My Suffering Son.

How heaven weeps every day to see Mother Angelica and the lies of the EWTN, the false Catholicism, its destruction of the True Faith of the times. The rise of the Antichrist begins with idolatry. Mother Angelica has given rise to new generations of both idols, those that appear for her programs over the span of her production, as well as idolaters, those that believe they must have Catholic television in their homes instead of prayer and silence and quiet time as family before and with My Son, with Me, My daughter, their homes to be emptied of all the world for any semblance of My Sonís and My reign.

The Antichrist foundation of idolatry has been laid by Mother Angelica and the rise of EWTN, those damned appearing once for any programs, those that idolize Mother Angelica, those that mock My Son turning His Word into an industry for money, fame, worldly idolatry, that has spread around the world.

It is heart-wrenching, My daughter, to see so many souls losing the fight for their salvation by every day turning on EWTN, as well as those losing the fight who are damned for appearing for it, idolizing Mother Angelica, any of them, My daughter, any around the world anywhere, especially any priest-sons, who have betrayed Me, betrayed MY Son, betrayed His Holy Sacred Name.

My daughter, there is a rise in the Church of such pagan idolatry that My Son cannot stand before His own without being mocked, accused, and condemned again by them as if it is His Crucifixion all over again. As if Calvary is being re-lived because of the idolatries of the times.

Any that mock you, because you obey My request that I have said, telling you to speak these truths in My Name, in My Sonís Name because it is My Sonís Name for which I speak and pronounce the judgements that await souls, those already damned, those that are to die damned, I warn now that any mocking you, such mockers are attackers attacking the Mother of God, attacking My very Son, His Sacred Sufferings, and such mockers are damned. They know the truth in their hearts, that you speak the truth. For those lying and wanting to deny what you say for Me at My request, warning of the vast loss of souls so innumerable for these times, these liars are motivated by satan and their own spiritual pride and idolatry, their own lusts and attachments to their idolatry and idolatry of others, to lose their souls. They have lost their souls, and your speaking the truth reminds them of this truth; they have lost their way, they are, for any one appearance for EWTN, damned: any watching it every day, any priest that encourages this idolatry or lives this idolatry, any watching television every day by cable or dish connection, by satellite, even idolatry of short wave radio or any radio, these are of the damned. They have chosen their gods, they give their time to their gods, to themselves. They are damned.

You are to post this on your website because your website is dedicated to My Light, My Sonís Light, My tears and sorrows, to My Sonís reign, that will happen when all pagan idolaters of the Catholic Church who are no longer Catholic, all those that worship the world and those of the world, when these are removed from the Church faithful, the true Church that is free of idolatry, free of worship of false idols or of the world, the bureacracy and business of selling My Sonís Name to make a profit, selling His Wounds, especially those that mock Him by falsifying visions or apparitions that they do not have, but satan instead has appeared to them, or caused the rise of these false apparitions, false visionaries, false prophets. These damned, My daughter, these are of the Antichrist and damned for their lies, their deceitful ways, wanting money, idolatry, wanting control of others in order to mock My Son, wanting to control the Church, believing they are successful when they in fact will soon be brought to their eternal end.

My daughter, such as these are damned, spending eternity in hell for every false word uttered of their false apparitions, their false visions, any of the false stigmata, these called false prophets; they damned for every time someone idolized them instead of My Son; instead of seeing the true priests and true faithful who are only those that are devoid of use of television cable or dish, devoid of idolatry of films, music, sports, politics, the media, any Catholic media, any idolatry of blogspots or those running computer programs--those of internet idolatry wanting advertising and wanting promotion of products, even cloistered religious orders, seeking their profits instead of trusting in My Son for their sustenance, the true priests and true faithful living lives devoid of the world seeking penance and prayer. Those of the true faithful, the true clergy, are those devoid of idolatry of the world, those of it, devoid of idolatry of any of the Church, this is of any idolatry of laity, or religious, of any priest, especially idolatry by and of those that want attention or idolatry before My Son, the true clergy and true faithful devoid of any idolatry of any of the idols of the Church especially any appearing for EWTN or any connection to the damned Mother Angelica, whose idolaters will be judged damned for mocking you or speaking against Me, My daughter, My words to you, you My reign, responsible for bringing My reign, My Sonís reign on earth at any time. You are to warn souls because I have called you to, have spoken to you, and you obey your heavenly Mother. It is I, the Mother of God, Christ My Divine Son, Who have called you to speak out against this idolatry, all idolatry, asking you by speaking this to console Me, to console My Immacualte Heart for My reign.


Another area of warning is for the false traditionalists, the schismatics who tear at the very fabric of My Sonís Mystical Body the Church. These are the disgruntled who live in bitterness, who live in cult-like denial of the reality that the only Church My Son founded is that of Peter, the Rock upon which the Church was built, this rock is the current Holy Father, who is of My Sonís Heart, Whom I am defending as he seeks unity among a divided, very bitter Church, among the liberalism of the novus ordo and communion in the hand that damns so many souls; among the schismatic traditionalists who have condemned all of the Vatican II Church as if it or those that attend Vatican II Churches are damned or not My Sonís Only Church, when these schismatic traditionalists are the very ones who are outside the Church themselves seeking a separate Church, endlessly crucifying My son the Pope by bitterness, division, rancor, and mockery of his efforts at unity, unity that is necessary for the salvation of these bitter, hostile, divided souls of the traditionalists leaving the flock of the Church, seeking their own Churches as if Catholic, denying their salvation by their breaking away from the Vatican II Church as if all are damned of it, as if the traditionalists are Judge and God.

My daughter, these bitter groups that cause division and rancor, who continue their war against the Holy Father, against My Sonís Church; any who are of the Society of St. Pius X I have warned about and spoken against as a cult that has destroyed My Sonís Church by worship in idolatry of Lefebvre, of any of the SSPX; any of those that believe they are priests or clergy who leave the Catholic Church and instead join the bitter ranks of this disgruntled sect, a cult that has destroyed the valid faith of many souls, these groups and those of them that cause the divisions further, by hardness of heart, despite retaining the teachings of the Church, they are themselves damned. It is the hardened political heart that is the Pharisaical cult outside the Church today, those that await the restoration of the True Mass that is the Latin Mass, that have caused their own damnation by judging others and condemning all of the Vatican II Church, especially speaking against and dividing in opposition against My son, the Pope.

Those damned are any member of the SSPX, any supposed priest, those being illicitly ordained, any illicitly consecrated bishop that is only a priest before My Son and in My eyes, My daughter, these acting priests are damned and leading souls to hell by parading their schism, their renunciation of the True Church, their acceptance of their own judgements as Pharisees, these divisive wolves believing they are the Church when they are actually guised as sheep harboring the hate of Judas and the envy and jealousy of the Pharisees, their exacting the measure of the formalities of the law without living the heart, because they are outside MY Sonís True Church. They cannot have measure nor worth nor any part of His Heart living crucifying Him, His Mystical Body, and mocking Me, My daughter, mocking My Sonís reign.

Any member of the SSPX is damned: first for judging the Vatican II Church and members of the True Church as if damned; secondly for reigning as modern day Pharisees, seeking their own kingdom and their own false messiah of themselves, when My Son has already arrived, established His One True Church which they are outside of, and because they are without candles or lamps of oil, lit for the Bridegroom by living in such harsh judgement and mockery of His Word, of His True Church, they are damned. Not a light is lit among any of them, My daughter, their souls darkened and spreading darkness, by the bitterness of Lefebvre, the legacy of schism he has left, and those idolatrous of him that live that mock My dear Son, His Sufferings, His Crucifixion, mock His soon arriving earthly reign. Their hearts are full of rancor, lust, ambition, idolatry of self. They are outside the Kingdom, My daughter, not any there are admitted to the final banquet, not any regularly of attendance of any SSPX cult enclosure or holding or supporting them, promoting them as if the True Church, the SSPX and schismatic cult groups mocking My Sonís Words He would be with His True Church until the end of time. This is the Body of the Church that the Holy Father leads, represents, the Rock upon which the Church is built; not the schismatic cults or groups that believe they are above My Son, above the pronouncements of the Church, that believe they are to found another Church that is outside the True Church, devoid of any following of or obedience to the True Pope, and such cults, such schismatic sects, those of them, are damned.


I now want to mention the false apparitions, false visionaries, false stigmatists, the pagan idols calling themselves Catholic when they are in fact damned, any that make themselves appear in the world in Catholic media idolatry, or those of it, any promoting them, their false visions, false apparitions, false wounds as if My Sonís, as if any connection to Me, when they are not, these frauds damned.

These are those that do not want anyone to speak the Truth about them because they want the idolatry, the money, the fame, the lucrative business they have developed, some of them supporting separatist Churches and factions of their own countries, these damned.

When a local bishop or Church authority makes a statement about a supposed visionaryís claims, or apparitions of a supposed visionary or false stigmatist, or false wounds of a false stigmatist, the Church declaring in their local region for the entire body of the Church the faithful to be warned they are spurious and non-credible, then all the clergy and bishops of the entire world are to turn to that ordinary or local authority of the Church, the cardinal or prelate of distinction and judgement, to discern and for any that desire travel to a region for visionaries or supposed apparitions, these local ordinaries of the Church Authority, My daughter, these are to be obeyed. They have jurisdiction over a locale for such purposes. The priests, clergy, bishops, even cardinals that have disregarded what the local bishop stated and declared due to his discretion, to complaints about the lust and adultery of the priests involved, the first priests, the supposed charismatic priests, My daughter, these priests have since been defrocked, stripped of their priestly faculties, they are damned. Websites are dedicated to the fraud of Medjugorje based on lies, deceptions from hell, and ignore telling the truth of the judgement of the Vatican, the Holy Father, the statements of the Church. The Catholic media and any publications or clergy or laity promoting Medjugorje have a judgement that is grave, especially for their attendance there, any visits there, disregarding the original declaration of warning from the local bishop. For the false apparitions of Medjugorje, I had stated to you, and shown you years ago, these visionaries and apparitions were false, and creating a false sense of peace, false security among the faithful, a very disturbing cult like following that is a passivity of satan, not of the true peace or the lasting conversion that is truly of Me, of My Son, and the visionaries themselves have proven the waywardness of their lives by becoming wealthy, the apparitions created a lucrative business for the location, and they have traveled the world claiming apparitions wherever they go. The massive media idolatry they have sought and appearances speaking in their disobedience to the local bishop is their judgement of damnation and their falsification before Christ My Son, before Almighty God.

These are false, My daughter, those that travel to Medjugorje have brought their own judgement, trials, and misfortunes of their lives upon themselves when they have ventured where they were warned not to travel because the local ordinary, the bishop, had declared with due cause and caution that it was invalid, questionable, and even dangerous to the faithful. If you had attacks from another false stigmatist attacking you with black magic, occultist, and witchcraft to cause you to begin believing something against the Church, you immediately corrected this and caught the lie. You have defended the Church, the true teachings of the Church, the reality that My Son, His Gospel, penance and prayer are the means of salvation as well as seeking My intercession as the Mother of God, for souls, for My Sonís reign. My daughter, you are to speak against these false visionaries, false apparitions, false stigmatists, the idols, those damning others, of these times.

When a Church authority of one location gives approval under false pretenses, and declares one credible when that false visionary or false stigmatist is not, the Church must be warned and souls warned that the fraud is being perpetrated and the authorizing bishop not attending to or stating truthfully the fraud or the false judgement and false approval he gave at one time that must be corrected, to save souls. This, My daughter, the case of Barnabas of Nigeria, and many others who had either masonic bishops in place or masonic motivated bishops or bishops under satanís control, to approve such lies or distortions before My Son, before Almighty God.

Any time doubt is evident by a supposed visionaryís or false stigmatistís claims for money, claims of miracles or other machinations of evil that the local bishop or authority of the Church has claimed unreliable and not credible, that no Catholic media, nor any truly discerning priest nor any laity should ever support, nor ever visit, distribute literature, or encourage pilgrimages to such sites at any time. This is the case of Medjugorje, the local ordinary was disobeyed, My daughter, from the very start, and satanic means of false healings, miracles, delusions among the visionaries for money, esteem, idolatry, began worldwide due to irresponsible media, Catholic media, pilgrimage tour groups or publications seeking money, seeking idolatry of self and wanting a place of idolatry before others as if of the Church.

If the authorizing Body of the Church, the Vatican, the Holy Father, would regard with gravity the seriousness of the local authorizing bishop or prelate as for Medjugorje, then their initial statements would have ended any further money making schemes, the disobedience of the fraudulent visionaries purposely mocking the judgement of the local Church continued their schemes and caused such division now, such falsities all caused by satan to attack My Son, attack Me, My daughter, by false claims of apparitions there, causing devastating harm to the faithful who ignored the local authority of the Church and instead followed the idolatry of the false visionaries, who themselves were making the profit, all of them worldly, living worldly lives, and living as if they are false gods. The local Church, by being obeyed, and faithful obeying the statements against these false visionaries, would have then ended any further money making schemes, any opportunities for any money making schemes, any false miracles that hurt the faithful, or any false beliefs expressed that satan is causing to mock My Son, mock Me, especially when I, or My Son, state directly that such false visionaries, false apparitions, false prophets, false stigmatists, any frauds, are false, they are frauds that are to be avoided for the salvation of souls.


You deal every day with the attacks of Christina Gallagher, My daughter. This is warned Christina Gallagher that her early death is approaching for her attacks attacking you because you are My true Reign. Your stigmata is valid to be visible soon when you relocate to the country My Son and I have chosen of your German lineage. You are to be seen there as a valid stigmatist for the role you have for that country, not as a religious or cloistered person, but secular, and leading the country to which you move to its salvation, those that accept you, your role, and see you as you are meant to be for that country, for My and My Sonís reign. Your stigmata will be vindicated and validated by the Church, the entire Church will recognize it and your Chaplets and soon to be revealed revelations of the Sacred Heart of My Son will be approved by the universal Church.

Christina Gallagher is jealous of this, of your obedience to Me only, your rejection of: her idolatry of herself, her wanting idolatry, her greed, her lesbianism. She wants to project demons or images as if they are you when they are not, her demons lying, fabricating or causing attacks to you because of your move, your stigmata, your role for the country where you are moving and for which I have chosen you, for which you were created, My daughter, by My Son, for His and My reign, the reign of Our Sacred Hearts. You will visibly wear the Image of Our two Hearts so that souls will see that you are speaking for My Son and I, that you are the one leading souls to Our reign. You must speak now warning of the death of the false stigmatist, false visionary Christina Gallagher because I want to this to be a sign to souls that you speak the truth, this warning of her death and the death of Mel Gibson to be posted at your website with this lengthy revelation, of many revelations, warning of the damnation of souls.

Christina Gallagher has over the course of two decades left her husband, bought herself several expensive mansions, and other luxury items, and made trips, amassed half a billion dollars and spent much of this money over the years defrauding, stealing from the faithful, those misled by seeking signs and wonders, that wanted signs and sought them by attending her shows, her charades. She had betrayed and lied to bishops, cardinals, priests. Her demons reveal the sins of souls, those sins that have been confessed are not to be remembered or brought up again by any demons attacking souls when they have lived lives of penance and prayer for their sins or mortifying themselves wanting eternal salvation. Her claims or statements about money for a seal of salvation is of satan, lies, about the satanic houses that are of no connection to either Me, My daughter, nor to My Son. I have warned she is of not connection to Me, My daughter, nor to My Son at any time. No one is to ever visit or send any money to Christina Gallagherís fraud, nor ever defend her use of an ex con extortionist for running her program of fraud in the United States. The Church in the States has spoken against her and claimed she is not connected to or affliated with the Church. The Catholic Church of her original country of Ireland have stated publicly she is of no connection to My Sonís Church. She has spent without accountability to any authority but My Son and I, her mortal sins vast, her theft of the gravest extent possible for defrauding souls, even killing them for their property, their wealth left her in wills by sending demons to cause their deaths or using means of black magic, witchcraft, occultism, that is what you must tell souls because those of idolatry of her are damned, any supporting her or defending her at this time, or any continued support after reading the warnings and revelation I speak to you, My daughter, warning of Christina Gallagherís death, damnation, these souls will be damned that are idolatrous of her and do not reject her at any time.

Her seal declared is of the Antichrist, satan himself. There is nothing of Me, My daughter, nothing of My Son of anything that Christina Gallgaher claims or states at any time.

Christina Gallagher has been spending the money on herself that she has amassed over the years, working false miracles, false signs, false prophecies that demons speak to her and her consultation of the dead by demons using necromancy, and clairvoyance, this is Christina Gallagherís damnation. This is how she has amassed her fortune, has she has by deception caused deaths or pressured souls to give their money and property to her, her greed, and her lies, her idolatry of herself as a false god, satan her god and her father. Her satanic seal is of satan, nothing of MY Son nor any connection to Me, My daughter, for My reign. She has no connection to Me or to My Son. Her greed, idolatry, lust, lesbianism, her controlling black magic, black arts, curses, hexes, use of spells, all forms of the occult, druidism of her country, as wel as her own satanic masses and offerings there, her worship of satan, any of these are of Christina Gallagherís attacks to you, My daughter, especially you and only you to the extent that she has, because of her hate and rage towards you that is of hell itself.

If she is a lesbian, that must be told by you, because of her evil and attacks to you, My legitimate messenger, stigmatist, and leader of My reign. Her spending all the money raised on herself, or buying false properties because they are not of any connection to Me nor to My Son, My daughter, nor her false demonic image of Me that is of the Antichrist and hellís contrivance, nor the falsely contrived medal, none of these images are of Me nor connected to Me, My daughter. These are of satan for satanís attacks, for satanís reign. All rejection of Christina Gallagher is essential for anyone wanting salvation, because she is of the Antichrist, of satanic attack, and not of God, nor of anything of Me, My daughter, nor of anything of My Son. Christina Gallagher is damned for her attacks to you, and because of her attacks to you. She dies soon. Christina Gallagherís death warned her. She dies damned. She is damned for every attack that she causes you every day, at any time day or night, as satan attacks because you are My reign.

The problem, My daughter, with Christina Gallagher is that the local authority of the Church did not close the house of horror and satanic seal that she began with her false apparitions, false visions, false claims, false miracles, that were worked by satanic witchcraft, demonic occult practices, wicca, satanism, black masses, curses, hexes, spells, necromancy, all forms of voodoo, evil, for greed, for money for herself, and in order to gain the estates of those that were tricked, pressured by false means, convinced by false visions or demons that caused such pressure, even causing their deaths. The local Church did not completely close it down and order that she not state or claim or publish any books or websites that state any such revelations of her being of the Church, or that she is to declare anything that is of Me in any way or of My Son. All that she is is a lie if claiming anything of Me, of MY Son, at any time, or of anything of Our reign. She is a vast, terrible fraud, and causing the harm and deaths physically, and spiritually for those of idolatry of her, of so many souls. Their lives, their salvation. Many have died lied to by Christina Gallagher, their salvation then questionable because they gave their wealth,their belief that should have been reserved for My Son, for Me as the Mother of God, they gave to a false prophet, false stigmatist, false visionary, without recanting or rejecting her, so they died under the guise of salvation that is not theirs by any support of Christina Gallagher at any time. Any supporting Christina Gallagher learning the truth, or not seeking the truth, these are damned.

She has consulted and only consults satan, her demons that create her false apparitions, false sense of her ego, and as if she is saint, when she is vowed to hell, herself given to satan, to the Antichrist. Christina Gallagher is a precursor of the Antichrist and one of the legions of the Antichrist actively misleading souls for the Antichristís reign.

She is to be avoided at all costs, My daughter. This warning is for anyone who wants to be of the True Church, who wants to be of worship of My Son, of salvation. It is only because of the idolatry of souls today, My daughter, the mass idolatry, that My Son has allowed many seeking signs to travel from apparition site to apparition site when all they need is found at their local Church, at Mass, at confession, at communion, during the day making prayer and penance their lives, centered around My Son, and My Intercession, for the salvation of their souls. My Son has allowed a lying spirit to prevail because of the massive idolatry of the secular world, of the Church and by those that are supposed to be Catholics and are not, but have lived and spent the last century seeking the modern or the idolatery of the changes of the times. They seeking something outside the Mass, seeking idolatry of others when they have Me, My Son, always ready to assist, waiting to hear of their love for Us, their desire to glorify Us, especially My Son, remembrance of Our Sufferings, especially of MY Sonís Wounds and of My tears and sufferings for souls. Instead of prayer and penance and change of life, they travel being lured here and there to false apparitions, false visionaries or reading publications of the newest visionary or the apparitions claimed, losing their souls. Idolatry is a mortal sin for which so many are damned. Christina Gallagherís sins of lust, idolatry, greed, pride, consulting satan and demons to attack, these are unchecked by any priest, My daughter. Christina Gallagher is damned for attacking you at any time.

No such individual has ever been told to raise money for houses that are of some means of salvation, My daughter. Anyone that claims money is to be given them for apparitions, have over the course of the Church history been shown for much of the time to be fraudulent. Many, such as Christina Gallagher, Medjugorje, Barnabas, others, then begin using donations or arrangements from wealthy supporters, for their own lifestyle, which is a fraud. Neither Christina Gallagher nor any of her followers living in any house of hell, nor any of the properties that she claims of others coveting their home, their possessions, their money, in any amount, or her attempts to defraud others of by demonic means, as well as any that idolize her, not any of these nor anything of Christina Gallagher are of any connection to My Son, nor to I, My daughter, they are damned.

Any idolizing Christina Gallagher is damned. Any that seek idolatry or believe idolatry instead of seeking the truth, and rejecting what is a known evil, idolatry of themselves and idolatry of another that against the true worship of My Son and devotion to Myself, My daughter, as the Mother of God, these souls cannot be saved as they are by their own admission of idolatry and seeking this of others, they are then damned. Despite Christina Gallagherís being forced by legal judgement by the EU forcing her to repay a settlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and despite the Church declaring she has no connection to the Catholic Church nor the support of it for her fraud, she neither has the stigmatist nor is she a visionary nor of any apparitions that are of anything of Me, My daughter, nor of My Son, but instead Christina Gallagher is of the Antichrist, of satan, of the Antichristís reign. My daughter, speak against her as I have instructed, and as I have warned of her early death for attacking you, you My reign. This death of Christina Gallagher will be a very visible sign of the validity of your speaking My Words, warning souls of the immense damnation of souls, warning them of the idolatry that causes this that I warned of the grief of My Heart, the loss of so many souls and of those attacking My Son, that attack My Immaculate Heart, and those that attack you, My daughter, My reign.

My daughter, you the one target she has most attacked because you are truly My Sonís, truly Mine, you are My reign, My Sonís reign. The one to speak of and establish My, My Sonís, reign on earth; your stigmata visible when you move to the country stated, the Church to flourish when you reign country you have been given, you allowed to see and live into the era of My reign in that country. You leave the States permanently. The country where you go will benefit most from your stigmata, visible there, from the revelations My Son will speak of His Sacred Heart to you there, that in time the Universal Church will approve, approving your stigmata, your Chaplets that can only be distributing when your stigmata is visible there, for My and My Sonís reign. You, and those attacking you, those living, those deceased from their place in hell, will see or be allowed to know of the many miracles that I wil work removing those attacking you, removing all idolaters, showing the validity of what you speak and that it will happen, is happening, that you are the one that will live to see My reign. It will be a Church then lacking the schismatic traditionalist idolatry, the idolatry of the novus ordo and priests and laity, of the world of the times.

You are to state publicly by posting this at your website, that any that attack you for speaking the truth of Christina Gallagherís fraud, those that mock you or speak against you for stating the Truth about Christina Gallagher in any way, that these mocker attacking you, any attackers are damned. As Christina Gallagher dies damned for attacking you at any time.

You have spoken the Truth and fought against her from the outset, seeing what she runs as a cult, seeing it devoid of My Son or I, seeing her attacks that she causes to attack you every day, her jealousy of you, her hate and rage My Son told you of hell as she rages against you every day, hates you with vindictive hate and rage, because you are beyond her control, beyond satan, you are Mine, My daughter, My Sonís, your stigmata true and visible shortly when you move, you My, My Sonís reign.

There will be a small Church humble and devoid of the extremes that will be of Our reign. It will be the balance without the schismatic idolatry, the novus ordo idolatry, as you are the one to restore the Latin Mass in every Church without any schismatic elements preventing you of traditionalists wanting to block this because of their hard hearted rancor against the novus ordo, as there will not be a membership to any SSPX or group for the Latin Mass. No one group will have control of the Latin Mass or offering it, it will be offered in any Church anywhere at any time, and every parish Church at this time is to allow the Latin Mass and restore it, allowing the faithful access to it so they are not outside the Church, not seeking the schismatic, and are not being attacked demonically to leave the True Church to follow schismatics or sects.


You are now to speak against Mel Gibson, because his death I began My revelation of warning, and it is his death that will be a very public sign of your speaking the truth, My words to you to be announced and to be distributed in time, when Mel Gibson dies, because he is the first who attacked you, attacked My reign.

Mel Gibson you have warned of My words before, runs a traditionalist schismatic sect church, a private one that is not affiliated with My Sonís True Church, the Catholic Church. You have warned, Mel Gibson damned. He was warned of the means necessary for his salvation: penance and prayer, the renuncation of the world, renunciation of idolatry, all idolatry of him as a pagan idol, renunciation of his own and all othersí towards him of lust, impurities, his greed and anger and means and manner of controlling others or wanting control for greed, profit, for impurities, to be as if a false god, living as a pagan idol claiming to be Catholic that is only by name.

He has never lived as a Catholic since his young adult years, but has spent decades in promis-cuity, pornography, many vast mortal sins every day. Every day a film of his is shown somewhere in the world, souls are damned. He is then accountable for the loss of every soul damned that day by idolatry of him, by the mortal sins they incur watching his sinladen films, they are damned. He has been accountable for and warned that millions upon millions of souls have died damned by his films and idolatry of him over the decades. His entire life as a pagan idol of film. He has spent decades in lust in adultery, thoughts of lust endless, himself damned and his existence nothing but a burning ember on earth briefly seen of flesh before it is cast headlong into hell, for his attacks to you, My daughter, most of all the main cause of his eternal damnation. This is in addition to his damnation of all the millions of souls of idolatry of him who have died damned, who are to this day damned, especially any supporting or defending him or his idolatry at any time, claiming he is Catholic.

Neither he nor his father belong to the Catholic Church, the True Church, nor do they belong to My or My Sonís reign. All the souls that are in hell waiting for him who have been damned by his many films, who never confessed their sins or sins seeing any of his films, or seeing him in idolatry, or idolizing him, watching his films, these died damned, they die damned every day. Every day that passes that he remains in Hollywood attacking you for stating his sins, and attacking you because he rejected conversion when it was offered him, and instead turned to film, idolatry, pornography, sodomy, continued lust idolizing himself, others of the flesh, he remains damning souls idolizing him, any defending him, any supporting him, he damned for attacking you at any time.

You are never to be of any media at any time. My Son and I desire this and have made the arrangements to keep you from all media at any time. Mel Gibson dies an early death because of his attacks attacking you, he has been warned, warned years ago, warned at any time, that he dies damned.

When Mel Gibson dies, when Christina Gallagher dies, as I have warned you, as I told you to post this and speak My words to souls, for the Truth, the revelations of which they speak, I request you post this on your website as evidence that what you speak for Me, My daughter, for My Son, concerning the damnation of so many souls of EWTN idolatry, of EWTN, any appearing for EWTN programs, the damnation of Mother Angelica, as well as the damnation of Barnabas of Nigeria for his false apparitions, false revelations, his lies, the damnation of the Medjugorje visionaries and their fraud, My daughter, to be confirmed especially by the death of Mel Gibson that will be public news of the idolatry of the media, all media damned. Also stating the death of Christina Gallagher for attacking you, as these deaths will be soon ,as warned, and I as the Mother of God desire others reading of this to see by these prophesied deaths that you speak the truth, these deaths evidence you are speaking the truth, especially of what I have spoken to you of this revelation that has many revelations warning of the massive damnation of souls that are of the idolatry of the times. The grief of My Heart, of My Sonís Heart that souls idolize these frauds, idolize EWTN, idolize Mother Angelica, that souls idolize anything instead of worshiping only My Divine Son, seeking My intercession in the privacy of their homes by prayer, penance, seeking only the salvation of their souls. This is a warning that all those of any idolatry are damned.

Any of them claiming to be Catholic who are of idolatry of Mel Gibson, seeking his autograph, money from him, seeking recognition in some way, using him for his wealth, in idolatry of him, these are all damned. Every idolater of Mel Gibson is damned. Mel Gibson is damned and lives as he chose, possessed, of evil, of greed, anger, control, envy, jealousy, wanting what is not his, wanting what he cannot ever have, a position as a false messiah, as he wants attacking My Son, attacking His reign. Mel Gibson wants souls to worship him as a false god, wants to satisfy his possession of lust, his rejection of conversion, his attacking you caused My Sonís wrath, My Son allowing him to fall into making pornography of himself, making a film that has yet to be released, and sodomy. He sodomized then president Bush, he sodomized the current false president as he is not legitimately born American.

Mel Gibson is damned for every attack he ever gave or directed to your soul. He has cursed you, raged against you, threatened your life by many means of death, every day, you are aware of this mystically, demonically he attacks you, for rejecting his idolatry, rejecting satan, rejecting Mel Gibsonís pride, lust, idolatry, your continued rejection of these evils are winning My reign. You are to win completely and be completely victorious by Mel Gibsonís death that I, as the Mother of God, warned, as My Son warned many years ago, that Mel Gibson is completely aware of, the many miracles I and MY Son worked then to show you are Mine, that you speak for My Son, that you are a valid stigmatist and your stigmata visible when you move to the country We have arranged for you, for you to reign.

You speak the truth of his damnation, and warning of the damnation of his lineage for his attacking you, when attacking you Mel Gibson is attacking My reign.

You speak for Me, My daughter, you speak for My Son, you speak for My reign, for My Sonís reign, at all times.

You are to post the Truth of this warning, these revelations of the depths of the idolatry and damnation of souls of these times, and mention the frauds, the false apparitions, the false visionaries, false stigmatists. This is the only message to be posted at your website, it will remain posted until the time arrives after the death of Mel Gibson warned, and after the death of Christina Gallagher, and after My Sonís wrath has been meted out for EWTN, Mother Angelica, and the frauds mentioned of the false visionaries, false stigmatists, false apparitions, that will begin, that souls will see you are validly Mine and speak My Words as I have requested, for the warnings of the damnation of souls.

You are to mention Medjugorje, that is false, My daughter, they have contrived this by satanic means, satan appearing at any time to any of the supposed visionaries, My daughter, because of the money they have raised, that has been given to a false Church they planned to erect outside MY Sonís True Church, they have defied the local bishop and his judgement pronounced very long ago, that they are not credible, the visionaries are contriving and being led to contrive falsehoods, that led to the first priests being defrocked, losing their vocations, and souls. The Church pronounced against this fraud locally, the rest of the clery and Church was to have obeyed by not attending there or making numerous pilgrimages there, some repeatedly because they idolize themselves, they promote Medjugorje by some claim to know the visionaries or contact with any one of them, and they are therefore damned for promoting any false visionary, false mystic, false stigmatist, any time they seek idolatry of the media for themselves promoting them, those of Medjugorje damned and those making money or profit from this scheme. The supposed visionaries must confess. They must remove themselves from any area of the location of the supposed apparitions. They must remain hidden in prayer and penance without any contact with any pilgrims. They must restore any money they took from any. They must sell any homes they contracted or built or bought with any money they defrauded others of by their false apparitions and false revelations. They must end their claims and their public appearances obeying finally the local bishop, or they are damned.

Any of these false visionaries keeping even a nickel of the money of donations or job opportunities or travel opportunities, are damned. They are to live completely devoid of any wealth for their claims of apparitions for so many years disobeying the local bishop, and claiming apparitions that neither Myself nor My Son ever sanctioned nor ever appeared, at any, these frauds to be stripped of all eternal glory for every dime they kept, any money, My daughter, in any amount, at any time.

Anyone making money off any apparitions they claim, any visions, any false prophets, these are those that are damned. Not a dime should ever be taken for profit, nor anything of any money ever to be asked or kept by any supposed visionary for private use, other than the approved apparitions that are truly of Me, of My Son, for building Chapels where souls can pray for the true apparitions I have appeared at to give them truths of My Son, these approved apparitions not contrived by any but validly approved by the Church, for My, for My Sonís reign.

Those claiming after visiting Medjugorje that they are to then move to another location near a legitimate Shrine or endorsed area of legitimate devotion to Me or to My Son, or some saint, in order to have apparitions begin that are told them when they are in Medjugorje, any traveling to Medjugorje claiming messages or apparitions are fraudulent, My daughter, they are to be steered away from all established Shrines and devotional areas, and leave any to which they have moved claiming such false claims that are attributed to the false apparitions or visions of Medjugorje or visits there.

These are liars, My daughter, there are many that will have grave judgements and see themselves in hell for their lies, for not renouncing them because they have built a cult following, a sect, or idolatry of them as if saints, when they are not, they are damned. Any speaking publicly when told by the local bishop or Church authority that they are not valid, not allowed to, any defying the bishops and authority of the Church are to be exposes as frauds, these are damned.

Gianna Talone Sullivan was misled by attending apparitions at Medjugorje against the local bishopís judgement and declaration, finding priests guilty of mortal sins and accosting women, and these priests have since been defrocked or pronounced against by Judgement of the Church, by the Vatican and the Holy Father, and stripped of priestly faculties. Gianna Talone Sullivan has been discredited, was judged validly against because her idolatry and her claims were and are false, her image of Me is completely false, My daughter, this is satan attacking an area that was always humbly devoted to Me, and instead idolatry of Gianna Talone Sullivan and idolatry of her false apparitions and visions grew, which the Church justly condemned. The Holy Father and Vatican have pronounced judgement against her, rightly, and those that moved to the area where she relocated will be greatly mistaken when My Sonís wrath burns the entire area in His Justice, for the idolatry and wealth and adultery that has crept into that area, the increasing worldliness that began with Gianna Talone Sullivan and her false revelations, false followers, mocking humility, mocking the unworldly, seeking status, seeking worldly idolatry and idolatry of the Church, these are among the damned.

She is to move from the Emmitsburg area and return to Arizona from where she originated. The priest of her original prayer group there and that group has rightly been discredited years ago by the local bishop, and Church, and it is Gianna Talone Sullivanís salvation to remove herself from Emmitsburg, to allow the area to heal from the division she caused, to allow Me and the humility of My Immaculate Heart to heal that area that she so gravely attacked, that almost destroyed true devotion to Me, My daughter, by idolatry of her, the false apparitions, the lies that began, to allow Me as the Mother of God to heal what is left before they are removed, the area burned in My Sonís wrath, nothing of idolatry or those of idolatry, nor any government officials nor locations there, to remain. No one of any false apparitions, false visionaries, false stigmatists, frauds, My daughter, not any of these to reign.

Gianna Talone Sullivan must remain removed all contact with pilgrims, must end all distribution of her books, and end the distribution of the false image that she claims of Me when it is not Mine, My daughter, if she wants her true salvation. She must live without any contact with pilgrims in penance and prayer. She must return to Arizona, living as stated, or she is damned. She is damned for the mass number of souls damned by idolatry of her, following her false apparitions, and following what is mockery of Me, of My Son, of My and My Sonís reign. She cannot live in wealth or luxury feeding idolatry or lies of apparitions to souls, mocking My Son, mocking His reign. She would have been better off never attending the false apparitions of Medjugorje than destroying her soul and the souls of any in idolatry of her. No one is to move to Emmitsburg, it will be destroyed by My Sonís wrath for the luxury around it, the spiritual pride, the sodomy of the presidents that have used Camp David for sodomy and trysts, and for adultery as Bush did so many times. The overpowering wealth of the cities around it are costing the area its humble foundations as those of wealth believe they can hide their sins and idolatry of self and the world by moving to Emmitsburg and claiming association with Gianna at any time. No association with Gianna is of any salvation. Only true worship of My Son, true devotion to Me, My daughter, no idolatry of or worship of false visionaries, false stigmatists, false apparitions, are any means of salvation at any time. Ever. This is pronounced by the Church;, not a single belief in any apparitions of Mine that are valid and recognized by the Church is ever a condition for salvation. Those idolizing Gianna Talone Sullivan, any idolizing her, seeking her for salvation, these idolizing her are damned.

One last fraud that must be mentioned, My daughter, for your website, for this comprehensive revelation and direct statement from My Immaculate Heart, My Sonís Sacred Heart, this is to correct the errors of Church approval for the fraud that is Barnabas Nwouye of Nigeria , who was deceived and had obtained the approval of his bishop under false pretenses years ago.

He has been lying and falsifying apparitions and revelations for some time, especially of the need for a special crucifix, for souls to receive a seal of salvation, just as the false stigmatist/false visionary Christina Gallagher lies about houses she is to build and that souls are to support for a supposed seal when it is the seal of satan not of My Son. No one supporting either of these lies can find salvation but by renouncing them and rejecting their claims. They are of the Antichrist, not of Me, nor of any connection to My Son at any time, My daughter, neither of these are of My or My Sonís reign.

My Son when on earth never asked for statues to be erected of Him nor gave anyone anything to carry as an object because My Son was showing the need for detachment, that penance and prayer and belief that He is the Messiah, the Second Person of the Trinity, for salvation. Membership of His True Church. The angels can mark any soul with the sign of the Cross for their salvation. No special donations nor special images are ever needed, My daughter, at any time. That sacramentals are given such as the Scapular and rosary, or the promises of your Chaplets, these are gifts of My Sonís merits and graces of His Sufferings and Death. They are gifts of My Immaculate Heart that My Son allows for the salvation of souls. But souls attain salvation by making penance and praying every day, trying to mortify themselves and renounce something each day, for sacrifice, for My Son and I, for Our reign. Souls are saved that keep their lives free of all mortal and venial sin at any time, seeking the membership of the Church that My Son founded. I have warned it is not of the schismatic traditionalist groups nor the liberal novus ordo cliques or the idolatry that is rampant of these times.

My daughter, these times are beautiful times for graces for souls by their renouncing the false visionaries, false apparitions, false stigmatists of these times; by renouncing the idolatry that is so rampant, the idolatry of EWTN, of Mother Angelica, of priests in the local Churches, of laity by priests and laity of themselves and other laity, of religious. But this is not the case as so many souls are damned for their idolatry and their lack of renunciation of the world, of all idolatry of iself and others, of the many means of technology today that keeps idolatry of others always a cause of damnation, idolatry of any form or means the causes of damnation for so many of the Church, that are not truly of the Church, living in idolatry of self and others at any time.

Barnabas is of the Antichrist; the masons control him, evil controls the false apparitions and false messages he relays that he must state the truth of, stating the lies, or he is damned. He has claimed further false means for making money, and now wanting money for a false kingdom on earth that glorifies himself, glorifies satan because it is not of My Son, no connection to My Son, nor to Me, nor to Our reign.

Those who have contrived this false devotion have done so as satan has caused to mock MY Son, to mock the already approved devotions of the Precious Blood and true religious orders for this, that are of My Sonís Church already, not any new ones ever asked that are being claimed or caused by satanic devices in these times. Any wanting salvation that are or have been regularly sending money to Barnabas or distributing the materials for this fraud, they must renounce Barnabas, they must seek the truth, which My Son and I will show them, especially any reading your website and what I have stated as the Mother of God asking you to state, and speak of My Words, warning of the damnation of souls, that will happen as chastisements for idolatry, these deaths and removal of many of mortal sin of idolatry, any idolatry, must happen before My Son can reign.

The bishop must recant his approval and end the loss of souls that is his judgement for not following up, not seeking the truth or not speaking when seeing Barnabasí lies, of the involvement of pornography, sex, masonry that is involved, of the building of a false kingdom that is of the Antichrist, there; that nothing of the group the fraudulent Barnabas claims is of any connection to My Son, nor to Me, My daughter, at any time, but a mockery, a completely mockery to mock My Sonís true Reign. Barnabas himself must confess the truth, tell the truth, or he dies damned. At this time he is damned, those of his false apparitions, false visions, those that idolize him not seeking the truth, these are damned.

If any seeking the Truth want the Truth, My daughter, reading these words I have spoken and requested you by command to speak, to post at your website for the many that seek the truth by idolizing the internet and idolize different media websites every day, if any seeking the truth of the frauds you have stated at My request stating My words, ask Me, the Mother of God to enlighten them, or My Son by His Divine Light, remembering your soul and your obedience to Me, the Mother of God, and to My Son, I and My Divine Son will enlighten them and turn them away from the frauds, if they are open to My Words and open to the Truth that will be shown them in their hearts. This is their time for repudiating satan, by turning from these frauds, these idolaters, these idols of their hearts, minds, and sousl, damning them, or wanting the truth and to remain of the True Church as My Son founded, seeking My intercession, My and My Sonís reign.

You are to speak against all the above frauds. You are to speak against and warn souls of the damnation of every one of them that has ever appeared for anything of EWTN, that send donations to the fraudulent apparitions, false visionaries, false stigmatists, many doing so seeking some worldly attention or connections they want of connection to My Sonís Name, and such idolaters are all damned.

Every dime any has taken, any cent, donation in any means, any form of their currency or money, must be restored. If they refuse the restoration or check or donation, it must be donated to charity.

Not any of the idols or the idolaters above, of the false apparitions, false revelations, false stigmatist, false visionaries, cannot keep even a dime, My daughter, nothing can be kept of any financial or monetary means.

Full restitution in the case of Christina Gallagher will be difficult, as she has amassed and spent almost a half billion dollars and what she has will be kept hidden as she denied accounting asked her by the Church of her country years ago, when they disclaimed her and declared her non-credible and of no connection to the Church. Her witchcraft is continuing to work to build more money from Hollywood idols, like Mel Gibson, her black magic, occultism contributing to his already damned soul, and also to his ongoing possession that began when he rejected the revelations of his sins, that he refused to convert, pray the needed rosaries every day, the every day confessions necessary, the need to leave Hollywood and end all idolatry, end his damnation of souls, massive numbers that are already in hell awaiting his damnation when they will torture him for eternity, as he will burn in hell with Christina Gallagher in the lowest levels of hell for their attacks to your soul, any attacks to your body, your mind, your heart, any attacks to you at any time. They will forever torture each other in hell as they have caused attacks to you, wanting to attack the purity in which you live, the faith and prayers you prayed and want to pray every day, wanting to attack what you speak that is My and My Sonís reign. Soon Mel Gibson dies, My daughter, soon Christina Gallagher dies, My daughter, these deaths are warned and to be posted at your website for souls to see you credible especially after their deaths, when you will receive full approval by the Church for your stigmata and revelations MY Son will give you of His Sacred Heart, for Our reign, your Chaplets to be approved then and allowed to be distributed when your stigmata is visible in the country to which you will soon move.

Christina Gallagher was forced by the EU, the Gardia of Ireland to repay a very small fraction of the immense wealth she has acquired and spent on herself, her family members, her lesbian lusts, adultery, her impurities are filth before MY Son, before My Throne. She continues in the most filthy manner to contrive attacks to attack you, these attacks many that I thwart My daughter, My angels are defending you against her, defending you against Mel Gibsonís attacks, as Christina Gallagher and Mel Gibson rage every day against you for stating the truth of the attacks to you, that each of them plots against you, tries to control what happens around you by demonic attacks, by evil, by calling upon satan to attack you, for his legions to attack you, for this Christina Gallagher damned. Mel Gibson is damned.

They die soon, My daughter, these deaths warnings for souls of the truths you speak, the very words I have spoken to you, My Son has spoken to you, for My and My Sonís reign.

Any that attack you concerning any of these frauds, any of these idols, their idolaters, any attacking you, the Truth you speak, these attackers die damned, My daughter, for attacking Me the Mother of God, My speaking the Truth to you about the damnation of souls. It is the grief of My Immaculate Heart to see the immense loss of souls of idolatry of EWTN. It is also the grief of My Sonís Sacred Heart, He grieves daily this idolatry, that so many souls are damned for idolatry that is promoted as if connected to Him, as if of His Name, as if of salvation.

I desire souls meditate upon what I have spoken to you, read this revelation that contains many revelations, by reading it carefully; realizing the Truth; making changes in their lives. Those damned are those of idolatry, of mortal sin, venial sin. They are souls of any cliques of their own Churches. They are souls that spend time gossiping before or after Mass, or at any other time; or are idolatrous of the priest, other laity, themselves as either priests or laity; souls that are idolatrous of EWTN, in any way of Mother Angelica, or watching EWTN, following it, or encouraging it in their Churches if priests as well as laity; souls damned that are idolatrous of Mel Gibson, any defending him at any time is damned; any idolat-rous of or supporters of any the false visionaries, false apparitions mentioned above, or of the SSPX, any members or any that defend it or believe it to be of the True Church when it is not, the SSPX is damned for dividing the Church, mocking My Son, mocking His Sacred Name. The Pharisees will not make it to the wedding feast of the Lamb. Not one of them.

It is a time of hastening change, especially time for and of the deaths of those warned, Mel Gibson, Christina Gallagher, the two deaths I stated as indications publicly that you are to be believed now and at any time for speaking My words of Truth about the massive damnations of souls especially of EWTN, of Mother Angelicaís damnation, the damnation of any appearing for any programs there, any clergy, religious orders, laity, even one time, the damnation of any supporters of Mother Angelica because of their idolatry of her, as well as the frauds mentioned that they are not recognized at any time as valid by the Church, the Church lead by and of My son Benedict XVI, My words warning that the schismatics are outside the Church, damned.

Any reading this warning not heeding it, if in a state of mortal sin, of which idolatry is grave mortal sin, warning any in a state of mortal sin attempting to leave the Church of My Son for full membership of the SSPX or other schismatic sects or cults of traditionalists, these warned they must be of the True Church of My Son, rejecting their bitterness and seeking the Latin Mass in their areas Churches, petitioning Rome and asking for this, for every Church in the world that is of the True Church of My Divine Son, or these schismatic groups and those of them are damned, their idolatry and hard heartedness damned, and any judging the novus ordo Vatican II and those of it as if the most damned. The novus ordo must return to the altar facing the tabernacle and priest facing the tabernacle, to kneeling for communion on the tongue and never the hand, for the use of veils for the women, and for the Latin Mass to be offered in every Church so that the Church stays unified and what My Son and I want, the Latin Mass in every Church, no schismatic groups claiming the lives of so many souls. Not any of the schismatic groups will enter My Sonís reign.

If the prayer and fasting I asked at Fatima, which the false apparitions of Medjugorje and other false apparitions and false visionaries detract from or try to imitate to claim legitimacy; if the prayer and penance asked by My Son long ago when He walked the earth, and gave example; if more souls lived the Gospel by living detached from all idolatry of the world, those of it; if they lived as My Son desired, and as I have asked for centuries appearing many times, many places for the requests for prayer and penance, for renunciation of their sins and for change, if these had been heeded, Vatican II division and the loss of the Latin Mass would not have resulted nor the vast apostasy and confusion of conflicting false apparitions, false visionaries, false teachers, false prophets of these times.

It was warned in the third secret of Fatima, it was of the apostasy of the loss of souls that would precede My Sonís Divine reign. But the True Church remains under Peter the Pope, and any wanting unity and salvation must remain connected to the True Church that is the Vatican II Church with the Latin approved Masses that My Son and I desire be offered in every Church at any time, by any priest, for any faithful wanting the Latin Mass, these the requests of My Son, My requests as the Mother of God, My daughter, of which I have spoken to you. The Vatican II Catholics that are true Catholics are not damned, nor any believing in My Son in the Eucharist as He is truly present in each Eucharist that is consecrated properly by a priest believing in His Presence pronouncing the words of consecration, or of any priest that properly pronounces the consecration despite his disbelief and even if a mason, My Son must descend if that mason guised as a Catholic priest states the consecration properly during Mass, pretending he believes the administration of salvation for souls. If the words of consecration are pronounced properly, My Son descends My daughter, the angels worship Him around the altar, all of heaven is in awe of the glory of His Love and Majesty and the great graces that are offered that soul, properly disposed for Mass, for reception of Him, these graces great for the souls that are without idolatry, without mortal sin or even venial sin on their souls.

I as the Mother of God warn that any mocking you, these attackers, idolaters, die damned. Those souls in mortal sin, any schismatics, any judging the novus ordo Vatican II Church as if they are outside the Church, any attackers guilty of anything mentioned in the words I have spoken to you, My daughter, warned, these attackers that attack you, any attackers are damned.

Souls must prepare for judgement. It is now time. My Son arrives as Just Judge, and I am the Mother of God, the Mother of Light seeing all souls as they are and seeing their true state, their damnation always shown Me, My daughter, because My Son lived to save, and so many damn themselves living for the world, for satan, for sin, mortal or venial sin, and such as these, they are damned.

+Spoken to Mary Louise, humbly obeying and posting this as requested by the Mother of God, 11/23/2010

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