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 Short history of the Beard Family

Submitted by Robert and Jean Ecker

Revolutionary War Ancestor Frederick Beard was born September 30th, 1758 in Fredrick County, Maryland and enlisted into service at Frederick, Maryland on June 1, 1776. He served with Captain Phillip Maroney's of the Maryland Flying Camp. Frederick Beard fought at the battle of White Plains, New York and garrisoned Fort Washington serving six months. In 1777, he had served two months as a substitute for Henry Firor names of officers and men he served with are unknown. In the spring of 1781, Frederick Beard volunteered and served in Captain Valentine Creager's company and marched to Gerogetown and Washington to Annapolis, Maryland where he remained until the surrender of Yorktown in 1783. He was married in Frederick to Magdalena Weigle on December 2, 1783. Magdalena Weigle was born in 1763.

After the Revolutionary War in 1786, Frederick Beard settled in the newly founded town of Emmitsburg and was one of the first seven founding members. He lived at Emmitsburg for several years and moved to Adams County, Pennsylvania in what would become Fountaindale. At 76 years old he was allowed his pension of $30 annually from March 4, 1831 on his application and was executed on November 26, 1833.

Frederick Beard died on March 9th, 1842 aged 83 years, 5 months and 9 days. Frederick Beard was buried at Emmitsburg, Maryland. Magdalena Beard in 1848 was allowed to keep her husband's pension while at 85 years of age and residing in Adams County at Fountaindale. Frederick and Magdalena Beard had 12 children and their names are recorded at the Apples Church near Thurmont Maryland. The following children are:

  1. Jacob Beard, September 24, 1784
  2. John Beard, June 2, 1786
  3. Elizabeth Beard, August 10, 1788. Married Mr. Seitz
  4. Frederick Beard, January 15, 1790
  5. Anna Maria Beard, September 20, 1792. Married Mr. Lum
  6. George Beard, December 8, 1794. Married Mrs. Reily
  7. Samuel Beard, November 4, 1796. Married Elizabeth Flohr
  8. Anne Catherine, October 7, 1798. Married Mr. Hess
  9. Maria Magdalin Beard, December 8, 1802. Married Mr. Carr
  10. Anne Margaret Beard, January 14, 1803. Married Mr. McIntire
  11. Joshua Beard, March 9, 1805
  12. David Beard no further record

Frederick Beard's son Samuel Beard who was born on November 4, 1796 married Elizabeth Flohr on June 5, 1821. Elizabeth was born on July 26, 1799. Samuel Beard died on April 24, 1872. Elizabeth died on January 5, 1882. Both are buried at Fairfield. The were residents of Fountaindale. They had the following children:

  1. Levi Beard
  2. Lewis F. Beard
  3. Rachel Ann Beard
  4. Josiah Beard
  5. Rubin A. Beard
  6. Julie Ann Beard
  7. George F. Beard
  8. Flohr Jesse Beard
  9. David J. Beard
  10. Lydia Sophia Beard

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