Starting A Quilt Project

Mary Ellen Cummings

This is the day to start a small quilt project. Buy a kit; ask a friend; or visit a group that quilts.

Of course, you are citing all the reasons you canít find the time to quilt. First came Thanksgiving with all its food, football, and friends. Immediately after that, Christmas! Gift buying, crafting and decorating start now. Unless youíre like my sister-in-law who always waited until Christmas Eve to do everything.

Now there are plays and pageants to rehearse; musical presentations to perfect; Christmas dinner theater and light shows to attend. Donít forget cards to address and invitations to send out. Your days are already getting hectic; your nerves are beginning to "jingle." You must continue the familyís non-holiday activitiesó chauffeuring, school conferences, laundry, cleaning.

Stop! Sit down; breathe deeply and exercise your brain. What does the time between Thanksgiving and January 10 mean to you? Each of you will have your own priorities and are so busy that you canít appreciate and enjoy what the season offers. Whether it is secular or religious, you should be able to enjoy the holidays and not be stressed out to the max.

Today is the day to start a quilting project! There is a therapeutic side to quilting with each stitch following another according to a plan. Each piece of fabric also has a defined order in a pattern. If cutting and piecing does not appeal to you, there are some "panel" fabrics that you can quilt. Fabric store personnel will help you with advice.

When the holiday music gets monotonous; the ball gameís whistle screeches at you, and the bantering of siblings turns to shoutingóitís time to sit down, pick up your little project and begin stitching. Donít set a time deadline. That would ruin the magic. Just quilt.

Happy Holidays to you all. 

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