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Lizzy Busy!

December: A Busy But Fun Month!

Lizzy Ryan

(12/2012) This December I know will be a hectic one. There are so many things going on that has never happened in past years. First, I have to go to my cousinís wedding. Iíve only been to maybe two and that was a long time ago - so I donít really remember them very well. I think they are having a Christmas/ winter themed wedding which fits, considering that it is a few day before Christmas.

The next thing that is going on is my 16th birthday. I am not having a party or anything but it will still be exciting. My grandparents always take their grandchildren out to a restaurant of their choice for their sixteenth birthday. I have yet to decide where I am going. In my family we donít really go out to eat, maybe a pizza place now and then with my grandparent s, but otherwise we really donít go out to eat. So I have to decide where to go. Then a day after my birthday we are going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Itís not part of my birthday present or anything but my family has always really wanted to go to see them.

Then the day after that my family is holding a Christmas party at our house. Every year each family in my extended family holds this Christmas party. It is a tradition. This year itís our turn. We havenít worked out all of the details yet but I know that we are serving different kinds of soup. Since we are serving soup my mom and I went out to pier 1 to get soup bowls since we only had six and we are expecting twenty- four people at our small house! I have yet to figure out how this many people are going to fit in our house. Our family just keeps growing!

On another note, we have two kittens that we rescued from a farm, Roscoe and Sidney. They are about 6 months old now. They are very rambunctious and crazy. They tend to get into a lot of trouble like knocking things off tables, and trying to eat everything they see. We even call them our vacuum cleaners because if there is just one crumb on the floor, they eat them. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the kittens handle two dozen people with food everywhere. An extension to our deck is being built by my uncle so that should be completed by the time we have the party. We have also talked about putting the food on our bar table on the deck so that first: the kittens wonít get it and second: so that our house is less hectic with people all getting food at once.

Another thing that will be exciting about the Christmas party is that I will get to see my older cousins who I havenít seen in a long time because they are either working or are at college. One of them who is coming up, Tony, will be visiting from Texas for Christmas. This Christmas party, I think, will be a lot of fun.

On Christmas Eve, we are having a party at my auntsí house. We have a Christmas Eve party at her house, after church, every year. She buys shrimp and makes crab cakes for dinner. Then after that itís Christmas!

So far I have no idea what I am getting for Christmas, which is surprising because last year, by the middle of December I knew what over half of my presents were. My mom gets mad because I figure out what they are. I donít actually go looking for them like my sister thinks I do. I just happen to come across them. Sometimes mom will leave a list of things lying on the table or somewhere that I can look over it. The list is of things that she has gotten or things that she is thinking about getting. The most common way I run across my presents is if my mom or dad asks me to get something from their closet or out of my momsí desk and they forget that they have a bag of presents in there. Now, donít think that I snoop because I donít. I just happen to see through the thin bag. Another way I found my presents one year is I was in my parents room getting something and I saw a blanket on the floor. Thinking that I was doing my mom a favor I picked up the blanket and under it was the bag of presents. So I just happen to find some of my presents each year. I told my mom this year that I think she need to hide my presents a little better.

In conclusion, I think that this December will be a crazy, hectic one but in the end a great time with family.

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