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Lizzy Busy!

My New Life in High School

Lizzy Ryan

(1/2012) I now have started high school. But before I started school I was very nervous about so many things. One of the many things that I was nervous about was getting to all my classes on time. I guess I was picturing looking stupid walking aimlessly around school and getting to class late and teachers yelling at me. I was also nervous about the teachers being really strict, like bellowing at me for simple, no- big- deal reasons. Before I even started school I just had this feeling that I was going to forget a bunch of books for certain classes and then getting yelled at by the teacher. Overall I was just plain worried about high school.

I heard nothing but bad things, like people stealing from locker and peer pressure. It turned out, though, that I did all that worrying for nothing. High school has been fine so far (knock on wood.) When I first started I didnít really get lost because I would ask a teacher whose class I was in where the next class was. The teachers were actually really nice about it. I donít usually get to my classes late because I donít go to my locker after every class like other kids do. I go to my locker sometimes, like before English class, because it is in the same area as my locker. I also go to my locker before my quarter class which is gym, so I can get my gym clothes. I go to my locker at lunch too.

It may sound like I am the typical freshman, but I donít actually carry around a bunch of books to class. Some books you donít always need to bring to class because you donít always use them. For some classes you barely need to have any books at all like my Religion class. I only need one folder, a small notebook, and a skinny textbook. However there are certain days that I have to take a load of books to class. There are so many classes that I have that I really canít be late for like global history, Spanish, or biology. Those teachers really donít like it if you are late to class. Overall, though, my teachers are pretty nice. They are not any meaner just because they are high school teachers.

In the beginning of the year I used to forget a lot of stuff because I didnít know what books belonged to each class. So I got smart and got a mini white board to put in my locker to write down what subjects had which books. That helped a lot. The one thing that I really donít like is locking the lockers. It just has not worked out for me. I never had a locker at my old school so I really donít get how one works. When I close my locker all the way I canít get it open. I donít know what I do wrong but I would always have to get my friends to open it. For some reason they usually get it right away. I actually think that there is something wrong with the lock on my locker that it gets jammed. Twice I have had to get one of the teachers to come down to my locker to get it open with their key. Now I just prop the bottom of it so that I can get it open quickly without problems. Now you may think, "what if someone steals from your locker?" Well, I donít have anything for them to steal. I donít keep anything valuable in my locker and the only thing that would be left for them to steal would be my books, and I donít think anyone would want to steal my books.

I try to avoid any drama and that makes high school life worse. Iím not on facebook and I donít text. So, overall, high school is alright. I hope that the rest of my year continues as well as the first half has.

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