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Lizzy Busy!

My Christmas traditions

Lizzy Ryan

(1/2011) Christmas is my favorite time of year. This year our last day of school was on December 21, which I guess was a little early. Well, it was a day earlier than my sisterís, but it seems like to me that went back early. We went back the Monday after New Yearís.

School is really hectic this time of year. We had our yearly Christmas program, so teachers were pulling people out to and fro to try on costumes and practice music. This year I had a solo for a song called "Jonah, Jonah." I was also stage crew, which means that I had to help with the set. I was in our upstairs chorus as well as choir this year. Needless to say, I was awfully busy. Two days before the Christmas program I got the stomach virus. Oh and was it nasty! The teachers were worried that I may not make it to the program. When my mom called in to school, the teacher that answered the phone was concerned because I had so many responsibilities. But I ended up getting better and I going to the program to do all of my parts.

We also had a band concert for the Delone junior band again this year. Last year it was canceled because of the snow storm we had, but this year, it went on as scheduled. I play percussion, so I can play all sorts of instruments. For the first song, I got to play the castanets, which are really fun.

Castanets are an instrument that you hit with your hands and it makes a sound that resembles the sounds of hoofs. For the second song, I played the bells which are kind of fun. The third song I played the base drum which is the really big drum that makes the really low noise. Lastly, I got to play the high hat. I really love that instrument. It is like two cymbals that are on top of each other and you press a peddle to make it go up and down and make a cool noise. You usually see them in the drum sets. I asked for a drum set for Christmas, but I didnít get it. I guess they are a bit loud for Mom.

For Christmas I wanted another cat. I really wanted a rag-doll cat. It is a breed of cat that is a perfect lap cat. We can never find one around here so I guess thatís one reason I did not get that. I also wanted some movies and books, the normal stuff that every kid wants.

Near Christmas every year our family goes over to my grandparentís house to decorate their tree. For some reason, my Meme and Pop Pop always want help to decorate. It is a lot of fun, because some of my cousins also come to help. Meme unpacks the ornaments while my cousins, sister and I place them on the tree. I found out that they had an ornament from over 65 years ago, which I thought that was really amazing. This particular ornament is gold and oval shaped. It is made of glass and looks very delicate.

On Christmas Eve we always go to my auntís house. It is really fun. First, we go to church, which is always packed. Luckily, Iím in the choir, so I donít have to worry about getting a seat. But my family goes early just so they have a place to sit. After Mass, we travel to Hanover and eat a fantastic dinner.

After that we play games like Rock Band. On Christmas our whole family goes to my grandparentís house. We all spend time together. My Meme is a really good cook so we have her good mashed potatoes and her other really good Christmas food like stuffing and ham.

I love Christmas and hope everyone was able to enjoy the time with family like I did.

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