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Lizzy Busy!


Lizzy Ryan

(2/2010) I love spring. It is my second favorite season next to winter, two totally different seasons. Every year at our house you know that it is spring when you hear the spring peepers (my favorite sound). All of the animals and plants begin to come alive.

Some of the down sides to spring are that you have to break out the lawn mowers, which is not the most pleasant job in the world. And then there is daylight savings, my least favorite part because you have to wake up early in the mornings and almost always fall asleep during class; but then again, you do have more daylight, hence the name "daylight savings time." So I can have more time to play outside, after I finish homework -yuck!

Since the heavy rains in March, our woods have flooded. Plus, the beavers have been making everything flood with their dams. This makes it even more fun to play and walk in the woods because I like playing in the water on the flooded trails. Most people think that is weird.

During my walks and my spring explorations in the woods, I have been seeing the animals starting to come out of hibernation, like the squirrels. We have daffodils and snowdrops planted along the sides of the trails too, and I like to watch them grow and bloom. As a matter of fact, just this week my mom and I picked some.

Spring also means Easter. I am excited and looking forward to Easter. In our family we have a tradition where we have egg painting on Good Friday and an egg hunt on Easter Sunday at my grandmother's and grandfather's house after Mass. Then we have Easter dinner. It's lots of fun, even though many of my cousins are getting older.

They have lost some interest in the egg hunt, I think, but my grandmother (MeMe) still hides eggs each year for all of us to find. The other great thing about Easter is Easter break, although this year we only have off Good Friday and Easter Monday because of the snow days.

Spring also means baby animals. Just recently we ordered twenty-five exotic chicks, like the ones with the feather feet and exotic colors. They will be coming in May. I have a pet bunny that we got this winter and her name is Nutmeg. Since it is warm she is able to go outside under my watchful eye, finally, and play. I built her a cardboard house, and she has a small playpen outside. One time I took her out of the pen, and she started hopping away, so I know not to do that again.

Every spring my dad and I have a friendly competition to find the first purple martin (a very pretty purple bird). Unfortunately for me he found it first this year. While I was doing something in my room he started shouting to me saying "Lizzy, Lizzy! I've found it! I saw the first purple martin!"

Isn't spring great?

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