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Lizzy Busy!

Going back to School

Lizzy Ryan

(9/2010) Back to school is the hardest thing to do after being away from lots of homework, studying, and sitting in class for long periods of time. During the summer you become used to watching TV and being outside for long periods of time, having fun! At the end of summer, if you have any summer work to do, you are usually trying to do it at last minute, like I usually do. This summer our assignment was to read three books (which I had to choose from a list of eight books) then do a report on one of those books I read. The book I am doing my report on is Holes, by Louis Sachar. I chose this book because it was also made into a movie. I found the book to be much like the movie. It was interesting, kept my attention, and easy to read.

This is year I am starting eighth grade, which is supposed to be fun (hopefully). Eighth grade will be a busy year because since I go to a Catholic school (St. Francis), we have to prepare for Confirmation. Confirmation is basically what most of our Religion classes will be about. Eighth graders also get to go on an end of the year class trip to wherever, this will be determined later in the school year. This year will be the last year at my school then I go off to Delone High School. Iím really looking forward to going to high school. Iíll get to meet new people, and make new friends. There will be lots more activities available and more variety of classes.

This year at the South Mountain Fair I entered some of my crafts and plants that I grew this summer. I was so excited to find out that I won some prizes! I had won first place for my sunflowers I entered, first place for my black-eyed susans (rudbeckia), and first place for my marigolds. I also entered some crafts. I entered a pottery mask that I made in art class at school that received second place. Since Iím a member of 4H, I had to complete a project for the fair. I entered a rabbit poster about parts of a rabbit and that got second place also.

The only good thing about going back to school is the weather, because itís fall, and that means its getting cooler. Then, sooner or later, it will be winter, my favorite season of the year. I really donít like summer because of the heat. This summer was miserably hot and humid, making it hard to do anything outside during the day, unless, of course, you have a swimming pool, which we donít.

Fall also brings fall festivals. Apple Harvest and Pippen Fest Apples and apple cider are my favorite part about the Apple Harvest! During the Apple Harvest I enjoy looking at the different craft venders. I like the Pippen Fest because it is right down the road from our house and they also have lots of craft venders too like the Apple Harvest.

Weíve already done our back to school shopping. We did it early this year because all the other years weíve done our shopping last minute and everything is picked over. So when we did it this year, things were not picked through, so we got first pick of supplies. Binders, notebooks, folders and pencil boxes are fun to choose when you have the "pick of the crop".

I think that this summer was a very relaxing summer and I canít wait till next summer!

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