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A Teen's View

Learn to Deal

Kat Dart

(March, 2010)  In the months since I moved to Emmitsburg, I have learned a lot about people - one of the big things being that no one really is what they seem to be at first. For example, one of my friends is about six feet tall and tends to wear very intimidating clothing (to me, at least). When I first saw her, I was very nervous, because this girl was downright scary looking! When I took the time to talk to her, she turned out to be a very nice girl, who loves to draw and has strengths in reading and writing.

On the other hand, I met a boy who I thought looked very nice and seemed to have a very positive attitude, but then I talked to him and found that he tended to look out for himself and was obnoxiously competitive.

I admit I do tend to group people. I don't want to talk to girls who constantly giggle during class like no one can hear them, I dislike talking to most of the middle schoolers on the bus because they act so immature, and most guys who act out in class I avoid. What I have learned is that some of these people are likeable; I simply have to go and talk to them. It's amazing what you can find out about a person in one conversation.

Also, a lot of the people who seem to be by themselves all the time can find out some really cool information - it was through one of these people that I found out about how much school we were going to have off because of the snow! There was so much of it last month, and I went sledding a few times and took a few hours outside to build a snowman. Shoveling was a pain; however my dad has a snow-blower so our driveway was cleared a lot quicker than other people's. And still the snow kept falling - I got some amazing pictures of the icicles and the snow itself.

But because of all that snow, one of the school's plays was delayed. We are still going to be putting it on, but I'm guessing there will be some really hard rehearsals to get everyone caught up.

I love helping out in these plays; it forces me to participate and talk to other students because I have a little trouble talking to people on my own accord. I've also gained a lot of confidence in speaking out, which was very helpful in passing a Spanish exam. I had to speak a whole paragraph in Spanish in front of the class, and I managed to do it with proper pronunciation and correct language.

This month's topic is learning to deal. Since August, I have learned more about people than ever before. I have learned to deal with moving on from old friends to make new ones. I have made friends with so many different types of people - kids with social problems, boys, girls, cheerleaders, sports players, goths, and so on.

In terms of moving, I have learned to deal with finding new places to hang out at, and learning about the other side. In York I lived in the suburbs, pretty far away from a real town or city. Here, I am in a great neighborhood and right next to a town that I have walked down to several times to go eat out or shop or visit someone.

Also, in Emmitsburg I have gotten my first job. I currently write for a newspaper called the Emmitsburg News-Journal, and it comes out a once a month.

Okay, I'm sorry for that one. I just had to put it in there.

But seriously, there have been a lot of changes, and a lot of them have been very life altering and changed me in ways I never thought I would change.

Of course, from the very beginning I was excited about the move, and I was probably the person most willing to pack. I know both my younger sisters were terrified at the prospect of moving, and my elder sister was very angry about the move, but we all chalked it up to her being a teenager.

Well, she got over it very quickly when she met a few of the girls here, and is probably one of the most popular girls in the school by now.

Anyway, I have learned to deal with many new ideas and new people, but I think everyone came out for the better because of it.

See you next month!

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