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A Teens' View

Emmitsburg: Change for the Better (And Colder)

Kat Dart

(11/09) As I was sitting in school and making new friends, I realized something: this is it. We sold the house and moved completely out of it. Not only are we out of our old house, we've moved into our new one. My move to Emmitsburg and life here so far has been fun and exciting.

A couple of weeks ago my Mom and Dad took me and my sisters out to eat at the Ott House - to celebrate the publication of my first article. I decided to invite my friend Katelynn, too. At the Ott House, we all noticed a bunch of people walking around in kilts and holding bagpipes - it turned out they were playing at the fire station. How did Katelynn and I spend the rest of the night? By sitting in the driver and shotgun seats in a fire truck, and listening to bagpipes during the weekend of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service. This was a very important event for our community, and we enjoyed talking to the fire fighters! We also learned that there was an event coming up in the firehouse on the following Thursday, we could go riding in the trucks at the Annual Open House.

Everyone in my family was excited for the Open House. On Thursday, we drove to the fire station where everyone could ride in a fire truck. There were also several demonstrations, like how hoses and sprinklers work. In York, we never had such an event at the local fire station except one time in late July there was a small carnival and fireworks show. The fire station wasn't used very often for activities, so to be able to hang out in a truck at eight in the evening was new to me!

I've also met a bunch of new friends: Kris, Jessenia (Juice for short!) and Caitlin. Because of them, I've been introduced to Emmitsburg: the places to go, what places aren't for younger people, and shortcuts through and to Emmitsburg. In school, they've shown me the fastest way to get to classes.

School has been going great: I've already had a grade report and am pleased to say I'm doing well! I also have memorized my lock combination, but then had to memorize a new one because Catoctin does not allow students to use their own locker locks. That really stinks, but oh well.

School Spirit week was last week- It was hilarious to see people dress up in all these funny costumes! Monday was Geek Day, and a lot of people wore Harry Potter style glasses and vests. Tuesday was Twin Day (two friends dress alike), Wednesday was Through the Decades day (poodle skirts and puffy wigs!) and Thursday was Spirit Day - light blue, dark blue, and white for everyone! That same day, we had a pep rally -that was fun. There were dancers, and the band played as the cheerleaders jumped and, well, cheered. It was nice to be able to be able to celebrate and then leave school early.

On Friday we had a vacation day, and Saturday was homecoming. I went with a bunch of friends - it was fun to dance for four hours.

Last month, I said that moving was an entire life change - and even I did not know what that meant. I'm sure that anyone who has moved before understood that, but I guess what I mean is that everything is different. At my old house and neighborhood, it was a great place, but fairly far away from the town, stores, and most schools - we did, however, have an elementary school about 5 minutes away when walking. There was no real hang out spot for teens - except in a friend's house. There was no where nearby to eat out at, or to go and be teens.

In Emmitsburg, I have already discovered a great hang out spot: the Antique Mall. I walked down to it the other week, probably about a fifteen minute walk, with Katelynn, Elizabeth (one of my sisters), and Lauren (Elizabeth's best friend). The Ott House and other shopping places are right up the road from it.

My sisters and I have noticed one thing about Emmitsburg: it has been really cold recently! And trekking to the bus stop at 6:30 in the morning? Not the best way for us to start the day. However, I do like the rain that has been rolling around - the mountains look so beautiful when steam rises from them!

Another rather scary thing about Emmitsburg is the deer and, apparently, bears - we recently saw a newspaper article explaining what to do if you see a bear - talk to it as you back away. My mom's reaction was rather funny. "I don't think anyone would just calmly talk to a bear as they back away from it!"

For the last month, my family has been working on making our house 'home'- we are unloading boxes from storage and painting. Mom is working on furniture. Dad brings home more of our stuff every night, and my sisters and I are unloading boxes. All of us sisters have had to step up to help - I have learned to mow our lawn, and Elizabeth has been working as Mom Number Two - keeping track of the younger sisters, who are cleaning up after everyone so we can all keep moving.

Now I'm staring as it rains, then drizzles, and then pours outside. Perhaps next month I will be able to comment on Emmitsburg when covered in snow!

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