The ongoing adventures of Fleetfoot and Fawn 

  Christine Maccabee

You should have been there...wish you could have seen it...Kate, Elizabeth, and Rena on a Goat Walk. We need a video of this!" exclaimed Elizabeth as we leisurely strolled down the paths through the dogwood trees, Fleetfoot, Fawn, and Blueberry in the lead. As it was, we had no camera so we would just have to retain pictures of the experience in our memories.

I am certain this will be no problem for Kate and Rena. Allow me to explain....

All was going smoothly, even delightfully, until the tail end of our walk when we began to mingle with the goats in the open field. For some reason, Fawn took it upon herself to try to put these strange two-legged intruders with the high-pitched voices, in their place. She began to pester Kate, butting her a little, and she wouldn't even follow me as she usually does when I attempted to call her away. She was fully intent upon getting Kate, and now, Rena.

"Get her, Christine!" they shouted, in fearful tonalities. I truly wish I'd had a camera then. I laugh aloud as I think about it. Picture Kate and Rena holding on to one another, as if in afond embrace, a natural reaction to a threatening situation. Again, I laugh out loud to think about it, tears in my eyes. Sorry, Kate and Rena, but the memory of you in that horrified em-brace is wonderful.

In no time flat I'd pulled a reluctant Fawn away from them, and ushered the ladies down the hill to the house via another path. The trauma had lasted only a few moments, but I was worried lest they hate_ my goats forever.

"Do you think you will ever recover?" I quizzed Kate, once the goats were safely back in their pen.

"Oh, sure," she said with her usual good-natured positivity, a smile on her face, and a twinkle in her eye. After all, what is life without an occasional real-life adventure or unexpected mini-mishap?

As you probably already know, the type of behavior my animals exhibited today is quite typical of goats. In their world, any strange "goats" who enter their territory become subject of total scrutiny, even lithe foreigners happen to he harmless, good-natured folk like Elizabeth, Kate, and Rena. The goats haven't a clue.

The Goat Walk today was part of a morning well-spent, talking and singing together. Eventually you will hear more of the singing part. Does this mean I am going from gardens, to goats, to singing? Perhaps.

I have to wonder as I type this little tale, if my friends were laughing together on

their trip down the mountain back to town. I suspect they were. Now they, too, have a goat tale to tell of their very own!

Well, Fawn, you really did it....You upstaged the prima donna Fleetfoot and got more press time as a result! Back to "Milking Madness"

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