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From the Track

Stop with the Lies!

Kip Hamilton

(10/2012) I don’t know about you, but I have just about had it with the blatant, in-your-face lies being told on a daily basis by the current administration. I don’t think they would recognize the truth if it came up and slapped them across the face. What was supposed to be the most transparent administration in the history of the world has, in fact, turned out to be the most obfuscating, conniving, flat out bald-faced lying administration we have ever had to suffer.

Everything about the man from the story of his birth forward has not been true, except for the fact that he promised to fundamentally transform our country. He’s keeping that one pretty well.

We were told that the GM bailout saved a million jobs and that as a result of the bailout, GM is the largest, most successful car company in the world. The fact is that at the time, GM’s employees numbered about 91.000. I guess that he just misspoke or maybe he didn’t do well in math (of course we’ll probably never know about that) because he was just off by, oh… 90%... that’s not so much , right? Last year, all of the employees of all of the auto makers and their suppliers in the United States, including GM, only came to 710,000. As far as being the "largest" automaker, Fortune magazine lists GM’s revenue as smaller than Toyota’s and Volkswagen’s. My, how the facts sure can get in the way of a good story.

Then there’s Obama care. We were originally lied to that it would save money and improve care. It does neither. The latest projections, out in the past few days, estimate that the tab has soared to triple the original figure we were sold; up to well over a trillion (with a T) dollars. Oh, but it will be worth it because it will improve the quality of our care…wait… there are doctors falling over each other bailing out of the system because they don’t want any part of it. Oh, but we can keep our doctors if we like them… well, maybe, if your employer keeps offering you your $8K health plan rather than opting to pay the $2K fine for not offering coverage. Oops… there goes your favorite doctor.

How can any thinking person accept that millions more people could get dumped into an already burdened system and be seen by fewer physicians and it would cost less and result in better care? That was an insane assertion from the get-go, yet millions of sheeple lapped it up like warm Progressive milk.

Then there is the ridiculous, "My budget will cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over 10 years." Would you like fries with that whopper? First of all, there is no budget. Obama’s budget proposal was voted down 97 to 0. Think about that. How bad did his proposal have to be that not a single person in his own party would even vote for it! Has that even happened before? Then there is the "cut the deficit" lie.

Are you kidding me? We keep hearing about how awful the Bush deficits were and that is why it has taken so long for Obama to drive the country’s car up out of that famous ditch. President Bush left office with a deficit of $485 billion his last year; an amount that then Senator Obama described as "unpatriotic". Well, just to insure that our car never leaves that ditch, Obama has run up an additional $6 trillion.

Friends, this goes way past party loyalty; the debt that he has left us (and the man still has three + months left in his term) will have a direct impact on our families….on our children for generations. The amount that each of us as citizens has been saddled with is the equivalent of a mortgage. The numbers are so high that they cease to be real for most people. Without Medicare, Medicaid and a few other billion dollars’ worth of expenses, this president has run up the tally to over $16,000,000,000,000; and it grows by the second. If you consider the missing entitlements, the number increases to astronomical heights that most of us cannot even get our heads around.

Currently, the tensions in the Middle East are as high as they have ever been. The leader of Iran recently reiterated Iran’s intention to "vaporize" Israel. The leaders of the world are coming to New York to The United Nations, but at this most critical time, does our extra-cerebral president plan on sitting down with these leaders and using his enormous intellect work out a solution which guarantees the safety of the planet? Nope, no time for that, but somehow he does have time to speak with the ladies on "The View", so that’ll be something to look forward to.

Last week we had a U.S. Ambassador heinously murdered along with three other American citizens (CIA contract employees) in Libya and our consulate buildings in two different countries burned to the ground. Former presidents would have addressed the nation from the Oval Office; this one chose to yuk it up with Letterman. The administration’s party lie was that it was just an isolated demonstration fed by the disgust of the 10 people who had actually watched that inane "anti-Muslim" movie on YouTube; and that the spur-of-the-moment demonstration had just morphed into a "spontaneous protest", said US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice.

Yeah, if you call a coordinated assault by 400+ trained fighters on the anniversary of 9/11 who just happened to bring automatic weapons, RPG’s and mortars along with them "spontaneous." The facts, of course, are that the assault had been planned for months and we had been given at least three days’ notice of the planned violence. When eventually trapped in the lie, the president’s press secretary stated, "It is, I think, self-evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack." Ya think, Jay???

I used to suspect that this president and his administration were the most inept, incompetent leaders we’ve ever known, but I think after four years, they have clearly demonstrated their true intentions. Next month, we will have a decision to make which will truly determine the future course of our country.

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