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Moving through winter and having fun doing it!

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

(2/2017) The temperatures are frigid as I am writing this article to encourage everyone to find an activity you enjoy and commit to doing at least two or three times a week. Winter days are cold and sometimes the weather prevents you from being outside and getting the amount of exercise you would like to.

Winter nights are long, dark and cold but that doesn’t mean we should sit on the couch all evening. There are many activities you can do with your family or friends to pass those long nights and get in a good workout at the same time. I know the hardest thing is getting started.

Check with your local college or community center to see if they have any winter activities that will get you involved in exercise as well as meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends. Some of my clients belong to a winter bowling league or play Wally ball and really enjoy the comradery. They don’t think of it as a chore but they are getting the exercise they need.

Exercise can come in many forms and each person needs to try a few activities to find the one that keeps their interest so they will continue being involved to get them through the cold winter months. Another idea to get in the exercise you need is to use DVDs or find a guided program on TV. It is more fun if you have a friend come over and work out together if you do not like to join in a team activity or if you don’t want to go to a facility to exercise. Some people prefer to exercise on their own and this is great too. Of course, I think working with a trainer is a great way to get started and discover different exercises that you would never be introduced to on your own.

Many people I speak to ask about a problem or certain area of their body that they want to work on and are surprised at an exercise or stretch that I suggest. They tell me they never thought of doing that or using a simple household object to exercise with. Whatever you decide to do is certainly better than doing nothing. There are so many tools out there to help you find the right exercise to keep you moving through the winter, all you have to do is look for them.

Talking to a co-worker, family member or friend may be the easiest of all. Health and wellness are on everyone’s mind today and you may be amazed at who is exercising to improve their health. Sometimes the person you never thought would know anything about exercise or the person you never thought would ever exercise just may be the one to motivate you the most. I am convinced that we all want to be the healthiest we can be and want to take care of ourselves so we can live the best and longest life possible.

Making a few small changes can improve how we feel, help us sleep better and improve our mood, that sometimes suffers a bit during the long, dark, cold winter days. We are most certainly worth making those changes for ourselves and our families. Winter has just begun but the days are already getting a few minutes longer each day and finding something to do will help pass the time so that when Spring arrives you will have more energy and maybe even be a few pounds lighter.

I hear so many people say they usually gain weight over the winter because they veg out on the couch. You’ll be so much happier with yourself now and down the road if you take control of your life this winter. If you have any questions give me a call at 717-334-6009. Remember, Keep Moving!! You’ll be glad you did.

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