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Sedentary lifestyle

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer/Fitness Therapist

(9/2016) I have written about the importance of an active lifestyle in almost every article because it is so essential to a long, healthy way of life. Sitting is the fastest way to lose energy, flexibility, strength and a sharp mind. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is easy to do but it is one of the habits that will take away your ability to live the life you enjoy. We all have to make adjustments in our workload and activity level as we get older but that doesn’t mean sitting in your favorite chair all day watching TV.

Getting a little more sleep and maybe taking a few more short breaks during the day is natural as we age. We find we cannot keep going as long or working as hard as we use to but definitely not sitting and watching the world go buy. Retirement is a time to enjoy the hobbies we always wanted to do but did not have the time while working, enjoying more time with family and friends and just taking a little time for ourselves.

Doing all the things I just mentioned can keep our bodies moving and healthy, even if we slow down just a bit. I realize sometimes health problems affect how much we can do and may slow us down faster than we anticipated. Even if you find yourself facing something you did not intend, try to find a way to keep motivated and do whatever you can to get some exercise. Moving will usually help you feel better and get back on your feet a little faster, even if you can only start slowly. Getting older cannot be slowed down but feeling older definitely can.

Regular exercise like walking, swimming, dancing and golfing will keep your muscles and bones in good shape. Going to the gym or meeting friends for an outing will keep you active in both body and mind. Seniors who participate in organized activities like going to the senior centers, playing cards, bowling or anything that gets you out of the house and involved with others seem to have more energy and feel younger. Everything I have been writing is not just geared toward seniors.

Everybody, no matter what age needs to exercise and lead an active lifestyle in order to keep their health thriving. Children, teens, adults and seniors will all benefit from keeping busy and moving. The sooner you start moving the longer you will be able to live the active life you enjoy and be able to keep going with ease as you age.

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