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Exercise More/Stress Less!

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

There have been many articles written about how to deal with stress. Unfortunately, we don't take them seriously. Today's world is made up of two types of people. The first type is extremely busy with work, family and other daily activities. This group wants everything fixed immediately. When they gain some weight, get a headache or develop some other physical or health problem, they want a pill to instantly fix it. Another unfortunate situation is that society tries to do just that. Pop a pill for weight loss, it doesn't work and we get upset and eat more. Pop a pill for the stress, it doesn't work so we give up and eat more. Pop a pill for energy, it doesn't work so we sit and watch TV and eat. Somehow, eating seems to be an important part of the solution (we think), but is really a big part of the problem. All the time we are taking the pills, we are seeing on TV that America is getting fatter and needs to lose weight. TV gives us examples of how to lose weight and get healthier but that's too much like work. This brings us to the second type of person.

The second type of person is the doer. Doer's are just as busy with work, family and daily activities but realize that by adding just one other very important duty to their day, they can enjoy the other duties even more. They have "made" the time to exercise. Their exercise routine is just as much a part of their day as brushing their teeth and going to work. I'm not saying that finding the time is easy. For some, finding the time may have even started out as another stress in their day. Fortunately for them, they quickly realized the benefit of exercise. They saw how much better they felt and how much more energy and less stress they had. Again, I'm not saying starting and keeping a good habit is easy. The bad habits develop before we know it and are very easy to keep up. Surveys show that to develop a good habit takes about six months (for some of us even longer). Once we incorporate exercise into our daily lives, all the other duties of the day seem to go better. The people in this group reduce stress and sometimes even medications, shots and doctor visits just by taking the natural way to better health. More energy comes naturally as an added benefit along with more family time and more satisfying relationships. I'm not saying exercise is the "cure all," but it surely won't hurt and most definitely will help.

Ask your doctor what type of exercise would be right for you to start with. You'll know when you are ready to move up.

Keep Moving! You'll Be Glad You Did.

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