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Starting a Safe Exercise Routine

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

Many people jump into an exercise routine without realizing the possibility of injury. Talking to your doctor is always the best way to get started. In fact, the doctor is usually the one who tells you to get more exercise. If the doctor only tells you to exercise, but does not tell you the type or how to get started it is best to ask him for a reference to a physical therapist or trainer. Proper guidance is more important than many people realize.

A sedentary person should start out by going for a walk each day. The walk should be brisk and as long as you feel you can make it. Do not overdo or you will become discouraged and not continue the routine. Every person is different in the ability so do not compare yourself to another person. It is nice to walk with a family member or friend, but sometimes the individuals cannot walk as fast and they decide it is better to walk alone.

The exercise buff can be encouraging to someone who needs to start exercising but can also be overwhelming to them. It is helpful to speak to a friend that has been exercising and has developed an exercise routine. Ask them how they started and if they have any pointers on how they keep motivated.

If you are the one already exercising, remember how you felt when you started and tell the person how you worked up to the point you are today. Sometimes people that have been exercising for a while forget that they didn't start at the level they are today. Trying to push a person too far to fast can be a problem both in keeping their interest in exercising and in possible injury.

Exercise is the most talked about subject when it comes to improving or maintaining our help today. Don't be afraid to explore the fun and great benefits exercise will give you. It is never too late to start some type of exercise. I believe you will be surprise how much you will look forward to your workout each day. Exercise is so beneficial for your body, mind, emotions and entire wellbeing. If you have any questions, please call 334-6009.

Keep Moving-You'll be glad you did!!

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