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March into Spring

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

Those of you who want to be ready for your yard work in April and May should start now! Start with a walk everyday. Some days walk a little farther, some days walk a little faster, some days walk up a slight hill. Are you getting the idea? Change your workout each week so your body does not get used to the exercise. Start slowly and work up to a challenging pace. Starting now will give you time to get your body in shape and will give you energy while you are preparing for the outside work that awaits you.

The winter tends to slow us down and energy decreases without us being aware, until one day we discover that we have become couch potatoes. Exercising all year round is so important to keep our metabolism and energy up. Did you ever notice that a few pounds sneak on during the winter? Once we start mowing the grass, raking the leaves and tending to the flower and vegetable gardens those added pounds drop off and stay off. That's why finding an exercise for the winter is so important.

Look for something that you enjoy. There are so many things that will keep us moving and we won't even think of them as exercise. Find something that you can do with your kids or grandchildren. They will like spending time with you and they, as well as you, will be exercising at the same time. Ask them what they would like to do. Children always have ideas and you may be surprised that you enjoy the activity too.

If you can't think of an activity, here are a few ideas: walking, yoga, water aerobics, table tennis and DVDs. Check your local senior center. Several centers have strength training classes a few times a week as well as bowling and other activities. Whatever you choose to do will get you moving and that is your goal. Remember, it is always advisable to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you are sedentary and have a low energy level.

Starting now will have you ready for Spring and all the little jobs that come with it. Spring also brings the warm weather, song birds, sunshine and light breezes. You will enjoy all the gifts of the season even more because of the benefits you feel from starting your exercise program now.

Remember, Keep Moving, You'll Be Glad You Did!

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