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Making Exercise Fun!!

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

Making exercise a social, enjoyable event helps keep you motivated. Find a friend or group of friends that want to get started on improving their health and energy. Explore different activities to find the one you enjoy. Schedule your workout sessions as you do dinner out or a weekend picnic. Take time for yourself and if it is an exercise the whole family enjoys, use it as family time. In todayís busy world, family sometime takes a back seat. Our families are the most important people in our lives and we need to let them know that. Keeping yourself in the best health possible is not only for you, but for them as well.

Think of something you have always wanted to do, like horseback riding, swimming or tennis and go for it. If you choose an activity you have always been interested in, you are achieving a goal and using that goal to improve your health. Remember to start slowly and work up to your potential. There can be a risk with any exercise if you donít prepare your body for the changes in activity.

So many people tell me they know they need to do something, some even say they want to get started, but keep finding excuses not to exercise. Everyone needs to learn the benefits of exercise. Once you know how much better you feel, you WILL find the time. Making exercise fun will not only help you feel better, but you will actually look forward to it.\

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please call me 717-334-6009, or via e-mail at

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