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Health benefits of having a personal trainer

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

Many people donít realize what a Personal Trainer does. I hope that this article will answer some of your questions like: What weight should I start with? What exercise will help me reach my goal? Should I eat before or after my workout? By having a trainer, you have the confidence of knowing that you are doing the best workout for you.

People think having a trainer is expensive. Depending on the area you live and the program you choose, trainers can actually be less expensive than paying those advance fees at the gym and then never going to use it. With a trainer, the program is designed especially for you. Your program is made to fit your goals and ability. Your weights are set up for you. The trainer demonstrates each exercise and refreshes your memory each time. Your form, reps and weights are monitored and increased as your strength and ability allows. There is no guess work on your part.

Working with a trainer also means no waiting on machines. Being able to move from one exercise to the next, without a long break waiting for others to get finished with the machines, gives you an aerobic workout right along with your lifting program. Having a scheduled appointment helps you keep your exercise commitment. When you go to a gym, an instructor, not a certified trainer, may show you how to use the equipment the first time but then you are on your own. The next time you go, it is hoped you will remember how to use the machines. You may not be sure when it is time to increase and if you push yourself too fast, thatís when injuries occur.

If youíve been thinking about starting an exercise program, remember the benefits a trainer can add: personalized program just for you, guidance for proper form to prevent injury, confidence of knowing your progression is monitored and advanced properly, support for questions, a scheduled appointment for motivation, no advance fees or contract for a long period of time, personal attention for your needs and other benefits you can only get by working with a trainer.

Many of my clients tell me they wouldnít stick to it without the appointment and how much better they feel after their workout, both mentally as well as physically. Let a trainer guide you to better health for yourself and your family. Give me a call and letís get started on your healthier future.

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please call me 717-334-6009, or via e-mail at

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