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The importance of core strength

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

(3/2017) A strong core is the foundation of a healthy strong body. The stronger your core or back and midsection of your body the stronger your extremities will be. That means if you work on making your back and abdomen as lean and strong as they can be your arms, legs and neck and shoulders will benefit greatly. I know many of us work on our midsection just to get rid of belly fat and that is a very important factor in a healthy body.

That is not the only reason to work your mid-body. Strong back and abdominal muscle groups not only help keep our spine straight and strong and help with good posture but it also gives a sturdy base for our arms and legs. Good posture starts with our feet but it is continued and mostly noticeable in our back and neck areas. Anyone with a back or neck issue should check out the feet and shoes first to see if the problem is coming from there. Once that is taken care of the next place to work on is the back and abdominal muscles to be sure they are strong and able to support your body.

Simple exercises are the best to strength your back and getting that belly as flat as possible is also a big part of a healthy and sturdy back. Many people complain of back problems and they think is it coming from their hips or their back when, in reality that extra weight in the front is pulling on the back muscles and putting a strain on the spine.

Dropping a few pounds and strengthening your lower back muscles can ease back pain and prevent an aching back and neck. Neck pain can also come from leaning forward when we walk or not holding our head over our shoulders and shoulders over our hips and hips straight over our feet.

I know that sounds like a song you may have learned in grade school but it is really important to keep everything a straight as possible to avoid getting out of alignment. Keeping everything strong and in line is also very important for balance. As we age our balance begins to get weak and that is a big reason for falls and injuries. The stronger our core the better our balance.

I hope you see how I keep referring back to a strong back and midsection and how they connect to so many aspects of the importance of a healthy body and everyday life. Our balance, ability to lift and carry things, climb stairs or ladders, keep up with our children and grandchildren, sit at the desk and work or any other activity we do each day is all centered around our strong frame.

My massage therapist gave me the idea for this article because she said that is an important aspect she tries to convey to her clients and she knows that is also the basis for strength and conditioning and building muscle strength. My clients know that we work on the core at each workout session and I stress the importance of keeping your back strong and straight.

I hope you will think of these ideas as you are sitting at your desk or taking a walk and maybe it will remind you to pull those shoulders back and straighten your back and neck. It may feel hard at first but once you hold yourself up straight it will become a natural way of standing and will help your back and body feel less fatigued and more energized.

You can always reach me with questions or suggestions at 717-334-6009. Remember to keep moving, you'll feel better because of it.

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please call me 717-334-6009, or via e-mail at

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