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Easter Inspiration

Valerie McPhail

(4/2017) As it slows activity down in the city, frustrations over the snow are expressed through manners of dress. Anoraks, corduroys and LL Bean Duck Boots sustain the uniform as Brooklyn is sick and tired over shoveling cars out of snow. Days when the sun offers its light bring life to the fashion scene. Until we can experience the fullness of this joy, a sugar rush of sweet fashion invades the department stores. Guests of Bergdorf’s, Saks and Lord & Taylor are left dreaming over fashionable fun.

Oh how we yearn for spring weather. The moment temperatures rise above 45 degrees and the sun shines, New Yorkers leave their tiny apartments and make their way out and about. The liberty that characterizes short-sleeved blouses, shorts and Birkenstocks consumes the hearts of New Yorkers this time of year, leading to Easter. With anticipation, our souls experience an identical wait on the reason of this season. As we wait, the details of spring fashion begin to blossom in our hearts.

Synonymous to spring fashion is Easter fashion, which introduces those pieces that elevate everyday dress-up. Easter fashion is more than the connotations of sheath Calvin Klein dresses and Vineyard Vine ties that have stuck in the suburbs. City goers need a little more excitement than just the stability of this classic look. Peeking behind peacoats, ruffle accents on trousers, skirts and dresses, embroidered jackets and shirts for men and uniform monochromatic outfits for children create statements for the season. Here in New York, the souls in the city anticipate spring through fashion.


Through an online shopping editorial, Net-a-porter’s most recent edition of The Edit showcased a beautiful black and white polka dotted, knee length Gucci Dress. The dress screams a statement of the moment. Prints, dresses, and the highest sacrament: ruffles. From the thigh and leg down, ruffles crowd towards the hem of the dress, ready to celebrate.

Ruffles on printed blouses bring a pop of excitement to work attire. Banana Republic brought styles into fresh conversation for the boardroom. Creeping from sleeve to shoulder, asymmetrically to complement a patch on the waist side of the opposite side of the top.

With Mary Janes, oxfords or buckled shoes, ruffles bring a statement of life. From the quirky to sophisticated, this accent mark instantly set the tone for modern elegance. Far from prom gowns and the red carpet, spring heralds a sense of buoyancy with a ruche.


Personalized button downs decorated with the gentlemen’s initials —traditionally a classic look, now cultivate spring with illustrations of tulips or forest creatures. Depicting fairy tale characters like this, are recent looks quietly fashioned by men.

For an ultimate statement, men should look to fashion’s favorite jacket: the bomber jacket. This stylish look is cornered between an aviator coat and the high school quarter back’s prized letterman jacket.

Americano Schott and luxurious Valentino styled variations of the look in their stores. The originator of its resurgence was Gucci’s Runway. The brand continued into spring 2017 with jacquard blazers on bright lime, rosy pinks and high lighter yellows.

Just as a modern gentlemen does, pair with Visvim’s FBT. Classic to the Japanese brand, the FBT is unlike the CLASSIC boat shoe or driver shoe consistent on the market. For its unique perspective and modern style, the FBT is a difficult crowd pleaser. However different its look may be, this shoe should be appreciated as a genuine design of innovation for the menswear world. This piece is an investment for spring shoppers for its style will shine with personal style.

Children’s Fashion

The trend for mother designers to venture into children’s wear has officially begun. Stella McCartney launched a successful children’s line that showcases new styles each season. In most recent news, Victoria Beckham has launched a children’s line with Target. The news came at surprise as a friend from work couldn’t contain her excitement over collaboration. A full length girls collection, the Spice Girl "Posh Spice" retreats to cutesy, youthful styles that include: pink and white jacquard bomber jacket and matching shorts, and a matching blue gingham twill jacket and pleated dress outfit.

The ideas model juvenile collection of Beckham’s established women’s wear label. Sophisticated smart and sexy. For the designer’s spring/summer 2017 Runway, opaque floral dresses and pastel colors translate into the girls’ line available at Target.

This selection of spring children’s fashion launches in two categories: girls and toddlers. As the girls’ section reflects the women’s selection including baby doll dresses, a tangerine colored jumpsuit and a fuchsia sleeveless blouse and wide leg pant suit. The idea for a mommy/daughter look allows for a more picture – perfect opportunity timely for Easter.

If the housewife’s sheath dress is synonymous with Easter fashion, and a men’s check dress shirt, accented with a perky plaid tie assigns a man’s fashion for the celebration, then fashion has remained traditional against all claims and efforts to innovate ideas of dressing. Styles that announce spring’s arrival are surprising in the details. Ruffles accentuate dresses and embroidered pieces bring stories to classic menswear favorites. These characteristics set the tone for the creation of modern children’s fashion. For despite the criticisms that shaded against the outfit coordination between celebrities including Beyoncé and her first born Blue Ivy, Kim K and her daughter, North West for dressing in identical looks, their fashion statements still captivate social media’s interest. For at the end of the day, Easter brings together those important to us, and the holiday’s fashion concerns picture-perfect moments that capture an the excitement of a new season ahead. The details matter, whether it be in the climate or in the features of fashion. As the weather spotlights a higher temperature, so just as in the spirit of Easter, we recognize the sacrifice we’ve made through the winter so to appreciate the goodness of this new season as we experience the sun.

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