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Common Cents

Junk Bonds

Ralph Murphy

(6/2016) Policy conflicts of both a political and economic nature have emerged during the ongoing Federal elections. Both government and corporate interests are involved and are manipulating what appears in the media at a time when the nation’s debt outpaces earnings, syndicate-mafia links are influencing politics and "venture philanthropists" are billed as the nation’s top corporate wage earners. Left to its own devices with minimal support role the private sector would be in balance. As is, it is not in balance…possibly due to post 2008 financial scam manipulation where there was a change in key player leadership who don't know when to quit.

This November’s Federal elections are for not only the Presidency, but also the entire House of Representatives and 34 Senate seats. Quite a challenge for American voters. If the Republicans can retain the House and Senate there may be enough "loft" to override the hapless, Democratic platform of candidate Hillary Clinton. This platform espouses permissive domestic policies on such issues as immigration, debt reduction and health care while failing to identify funding sources. The list goes on and on and may be based on good intentions, but is devoid of a coherent strategy or design. If and when attacked it could move to the right and face mafia influence- or worse.

How Donald Trump, a man with no political background, some media and real estate interests and with strong, East Coast gambling connections - could be the front-runner for the Grand Old Party is a mystery to conventional thinking. He's hard to beat on the issues as the party platform he preaches is a legacy of the past, but his ties to the "dark side" of low yield, high profile vice money are problematic. It is surprising that no link has been established with the "narco nations" where vice does permit a higher earnings ratio.

If a working and approved standard exists as with the American Constitution and disciplined social structures, it must be defended against internal as well as external threats. Governing institutions can play that role as "troubleshooters" to support the private sector. If the system is stable, changes are rarely needed and should be obtained by legal means. However, in 2008 it appears severe, internal procedural changes were introduced in both the intelligence community and related governmental institutions.

The "white hats" or conventional and accepted intelligence gathering have been replaced by "black hats" who don't see vice as a malady – but rather an opportunity- and when asked to lead, could not wait to get even with the "whites". The "black hats" now appear to manipulate politics, playing a direct role and the economy is "reeling" from their unchecked actions. These include endless war ventures devoid of credible, operational objectives; the actions of philanthropists such as the Bill Gates Foundation that gave $28 billion to "enhance healthcare, education, and information technology" apparently for tax breaks or personal reward. The action and precedent is not a realistic role model to the production pattern required to earn this vast sum.

Warren Buffett is arguably worse. The "Sage of Omaha" reportedly promised to give away most or all of his $65 billion amassed wealth - much of it through the Gate's foundation. Buffett has high stock exposure in the Goldman Sachs investment bank which was linked to the 2008 bailout of the U.S. financial system and witnessed an apparent direct - though covert- governing role in various finance schemes with mergers and income losses. Many were simply "written off" and went unchallenged by the "white hats" who were devoid of power and direction. Goldman Sachs spun European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi as well as Bank of Canada and England boss Mark Carney. Both were former senior executives at Goldman Sachs. Both are under scrutiny for unexplained debt issues and seem tied to Buffett in the alliance. In view of the ECB debt link access to power met low-level application to ability and private sector talent yielded to the "black hat", vice-link and the arrival of Trump.

The 2016 elections has to be the "black hats" last stand as they are so out of touch with reality and the nation's social complexity. The elections have been very tough and costly and surely they face charges as to their internal processes and dealings that are so headstrong and self-serving. The "white hats" have now regrouped, but again the apparent vote rigging does seem in place to carry them through to November. It would be really surprising if they can maintain a normal work routine of government service and they must be expelled from the halls of power before their own myopic, self injury is allowed to spread any further. Keep Congress Republican for now and the nation and world must deal with a Democratic Executive until the system is more stable.

Ralph Murphy is a former member of the CIA Headquarters Staff in Langley, VA.

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