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A Mountain Perspective

Almost Over!

Chelsea Baranoski

(2/2010) It's 2010! This year marks the end of an important chapter in my life: my college career. When my mom's green van pulled into the Pangborn parking lot in August 2006, graduation seemed so far away, locked into the back corner of my mind. All I could think about was meeting new people and setting up my dorm room.

Now graduation is staring me in the face with wide eyes and a ghoulish grin. 2010 marks my last semester at the Mount, my last homecoming basketball game, my last homecoming dance, my last chance to hang out with my fellow Mounties, my last time living with college roommates, and my last time walking the Mount's scenic campus as an undergraduate. This scares me. I spent seventeen years of my life in school and now I must enter the "real world."

2010 means the job search is on. The job search hit me over the head like a frying pan when I met with my advisor to plan out courses for my last semester. When my advisor asked me about my plans after graduation, I told her I planned to get a job. When she suggested that I meet with the Mount's career center to discuss networking ASAP, I knew I couldn't drag my heels in the Mount's muddy grasses much longer. It was time to face the facts.

Even though the mirror might think I'm still a high school student, the calendar says I'm an adult and ready for the working world. I have already worked on my resume and met with the Mount's career counselors for resume critiques. Now I just need to find the perfect job.

This is not an easy task.

I've looked into websites the career center gave me to help guide my search. I've puzzled over job listings on and even looked at postings in the online version of my local newspaper. My goal is to find a job as a writer or an editor for a publication or company. Unfortunately, all my dream jobs (such as working for a major magazine) are located in New York City.

I cannot picture myself living in the Big Apple and rushing to work amidst crowds of men in collared shirts and suit jackets and women in black pencil skirts and colorful blouses. I do not think a girl from the 'burbs would adjust well to the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. I have a feeling that the last semester of my senior year will be filled with anxiety and stress. So many jobs require prior work experience; will I ever find anyone who is willing to take a chance on me? I foresee plenty of job fairs and meetings with the career center in my future!

On a better note, 2010 means mountain friendships. I hope to spend a lot of time with my Mount family before I graduate. One of the reasons I came to the Mount was the people.

When I came to the Mount's Fall Open House, I immediately noticed the friendliness of the staff and students. I will definitely miss the Mount's loving, community atmosphere. I plan to work on these friendships during my final semester. This means spending quality time with my roommates and all those whom I've been blessed to call friends during my four years on Mary's Mountain.

There are some friends that I did not get to see much this past semester. Perhaps I will host a few get-togethers so that I can spend time with the people who have made my college experience memorable. This might entail a night filled with romantic comedies and my "home-cooking" (aka a meal in a box that I pour into a pan and place in the oven. It's a lot more appetizing than it sounds!). Or maybe I will get brave and host a cupcake decorating party.

You would think living in an apartment for one semester would mean I've turned into Rachael Ray in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The microwave is still my best friend. I will make sure I invite some Susie homemakers if I decide to have a baking extravaganza.

2010 means resolutions. This year, I will gear my resolutions toward my life at the Mount. I resolve to do my best in the classroom. After all, these are the last classes I will ever take; I need to make the most of them! I will study hard, even if that means sticking fifty Spanish flashcards all over my apartment (I had to do that for one of my Spanish classes in the past and it helped me a lot!). That said, I resolve not to allow schoolwork to consume my life.

I've been down that path before; the fall of my freshman year consisted of me opting to spend hours with my head buried in a textbook instead of getting ice cream with my friends. I resolve to socialize as much as I can, whether that means venturing to the Ott House on college night or having a picnic with my Mount crew.

I also resolve to attempt baking. Hopefully, I won't set off any smoke alarms. I apologize to the Emmitsburg Volunteer Fire Company in advance. Also, I resolve to visit the Mount's athletic complex. Those treadmills and exercise bikes have been calling my name for four years, but I have barely paid them any attention. This is my last chance to use the Mount's exercise equipment for free! Finally, I resolve to spend more time on my knees in the Mount's beautiful chapels. I will do my best to incorporate my prayer life into my hectic schedule. I often forget to thank the Man Upstairs for the many blessings He has given me.

2010 will surely be a memorable year. It is the start of a new decade - the start of my final semester at the Mount. It will mark my transformation from college student to working woman. The ongoing job search may be stressful, but I am sure it will be tempered with good times. Here's to the Mount's Class of 2010! It won't be long before we're all walking across the stage!

Chelsea is a incredibly talented writer majoring in English at the Mount, and who, in spite of her worries, we fully expect will land a exceptional job in the field of Journalism!

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