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Is the Republican Party dead?

William Hillman

(4/2018) In November 2017, I wrote that the Republican-party-establishment was the first casualty on Trumpís road to the White House. The GOP was on life support when Trump entered the race and itís in worse shape today.

Iíve said it before, and I still stand by it today, "The one thing a republican voter dislikes more than democrats is the Republican Party."

Since Trump, one assumed that the party would right itself: self-assess and reorganize with its record donations flowing in. But that would not be the Republican party. They continue to piss off their base, run un-electable candidates, and lose.

Last month in Western Pennsylvania, a congressional district that Trump won by 20 points, was won by a democrat. The State Republican party cleared the way for State Rep. Rick Saccone to be the candidate against objections by local area Republicans who did not think he would be a good candidate. There are rumors that he was the state partyís leadershipís choice because he was the only one who agreed to use a political consulting group favored by the state party chair. Again, this is just a rumor, but I believe it. Iíve been told that days before the election, the state party leadership and consultants, were nowhere to be seen in his district. Something tells me they really did not want to win.

But it gets worse. Paul Ryanís Congressional Leadership Super Pac actually spent money in support of the Democrat candidate, Connor Lamb.

An excellent explanation for what is going behind the scenes was written by the blogger known as Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse.

"The DC Republican apparatus is quite comfortable losing their majority position so long as they are not forced to support Trump policies which are entirely against their financial interests. [How Mitch McConnell Crushed The Tea-Party]

Even before candidate Trump entered the 2016 presidential race, the agenda was visible for anyone who was willing to admit it. In 2014 the same Republican leadership paid Democrats to vote against the Republican primary winner of the Mississippi Senate race (Cochran -vs- McDaniel) simply because Mitch McConnell didnít like the idea of having an actual Republican in the seat.

Remember, this is the GOP wing of the UniParty who operate on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce {DEEP DIVE} and support: comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty; lax border security to allow cheap labor; Omnibus spending as reflected in their Obama budget-fulfillment votes; the retention of ObamaCare as mandated by the U.S. CoC; the expansion of federal common core education standards; the Wall Street trade agenda to include TPP. All of these "DC-Republican" positions are opposed by the current Republican President and the majority of Republican voters."

The republican party lost this race, but it was not won by the democrats. It was won by Trump. Lamb, the democrat, ran as a MAGA candidate. He came out explicitly against Nancy Pelosi. He was proud to be both prolife and a lifelong member of the NRA. He called for immigration reform, building the wall, and praised Trump for ditching unfair trade deals.

In the last few weeks Iíve watched Republican candidates in PA fail to even get enough signatures to make the spring primary ballot. Perusing the Department of State website, I see Congressional districts with six, seven, and eight Democrat Congressional candidates on the primary ballot and only one Republican, some with no Republicans. In the area I live, half the Republican Committee seats are open.

The Republican party has no base.

The partyís demise started in the 1990ís as Carol Rove and the Globalists took over and sold out the base to Brussels, Singapore, and Zurich. Questions of culture and national identity and traditional values were ignored. The middle-class base was told open borders and free trade would bring wealth and prosperity to middle America. None of this ever happened.

Traditional conservatives were told to "go packing" back in the George H. Bush days by the Neo-cons like, Bill Kristol, who took control of the party. These neo-cons used the party to promote their mission of spreading democracy around the world. Middle class Republicans watched as their kids returned home from the Neo-conís "foolís errand" in body bags and wheel chairs.

The Pro-life members, who for years, had done the heavy lifting of the grassroots brigades, were asked to stand quietly in the corner. The party would give a smile and tip of the hat in their direction. When it can time for legislative action on abortion, the party would forget the pro-lifers were even in the room. What the they failed to understand is the pro-life movement is loyal to life, not the Republican party.

The Republican party left Middle Class traditionalists voters to fend for themselves. These families watched as the Republican party forced Common Core into their schools. To them, the GOP is no longer their ally but is the party that makes promises but fails to deliver on healthcare reform, school vouchers, and child tax credits. The GOP cowers in the face of extreme Cultural Marxism and has abandoned us on issues of religious freedom.

Small businesses were sold out years ago. Small businesses have been regulated to death, their markets were sold to large multinational corporations in trade deals backed by republicans.

Republican leaders are more than happy to take big checks from large multinational corporations and do their bidding. Bank regulations like TARP, implemented during the Bush administration, is credited with damaging community banks in favor of large international banks. Community banks are the lifeblood of farms and small businesses.

The middle class blue-collar workers were left in the dust 20 years ago by the Republican party. Their jobs and future were sold for a purse of silver, shipped over sees in trade deals or displaced with imported cheap foreign labor.

The Republican party post-Reagan, is a party of broken promises and failed faith with its base. The Republican "leadership" sees elections as a means to secure their own power, not as a means to secure the needs and issues of their base. This is why the Republican voter no longer trusts the Republican party and come election day will sit on their hands..

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