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The American Mind

The last 100 days in review

William Hillman

(5/2017) As great as Trump's victory was, "draining the swamp", changing the political climate in Washington with hopes of placing the needs of Americans first, and pushing back against the interest of multinational corporations and Neo-Con/Neo-liberal desires to meddle in distant foreign countries, will be a herculean task.

The Trump White House has been nothing but chaotic. This should surprise no one. After all, we elected an outsider. As a friend of mine put it, " We are in Hi-jacked plane management. We all knew the plane was going down." Our choice was to rush the cockpit and hope that one of our guys makes it in. We did that, our guy made it into the cockpit and has control. Now we just have to pray he can figure out how to fly the plane."

Trump is going to have a very difficult time. He is opposed by the democrats who have vowed to obstruct, on principle, anything he does. The Democratic party has opened up their playbook from 2000 when George Bush won. Their plain was to de-legitimize his presidency with slogans like "not my President". They tried to label him as a fascists and Racist, who would bring back the Klan. He was regularly liked to Hitler. Sound familiar? September 11th changed all that. The Democratsí could not counter the national unit that swept the country

The republican leadership in the House and Senate, who should be his allies, have proved to be two-faced back stabbers, with the backbone of a jellyfish. They spend more time shadow boxing the white house then getting done the work of the people.

Then there is the media. When Trump first announced he would run for President, almost every news outlet believed that beating up on Trump and predicting his demise was a "no brainer". For the last two years they have done nothing but tell us he is a fool and is incapable of succeeding. Imagine a sportscaster staking his reputation on the Washington Generals losing to the Harlem Globe Trotters. Then the General open a great lead and look to win the game. That sportscaster might try to trip players, mess with the scoreboard, do anything to keep the Generals from winning and save his reputation. The sportscaster is no longer an observer but has "skin in the game", a vested interest in the outcome. The media now needs Trump to fail. They have gone from being an observer to an active participant with "skin in the game". They will do everything in their power to sabothee the President, and save their own reputation.

Trump also faces problems and roadblocks from the people who surround him. Kushner and Ivanka are pushing Trump to moderate and go centrist. There is strong pressure from the Neo-Cons around the President to break his "America First" promise and engage in a ground war in Syria.


On a bright note, Bannon is not going anywhere. He is the only one in the West Wing who keeps a list of President Trump's campaign promises and reminds the President who elected him.

With all the media hype that Bannon is allegedly on his way out, in reality he is never far from the President's side. Many have speculated on Steve Bannon's future in the West Wing. He will stay, thank the Lord.

Of all the institutions pushing for the failure of our President, and in turn, the failure of our country. None has been more outwardly violent against those that support his agenda the Universities.

The left that occupies these institutions have devolved into fascist thugs and brutes. If you want to know where the left and the democratic party is heading, look at our college campuses. The universities are the road map to the future of the left.

Universities claim, "Freedom of Speech" when a Professor calls for "white genocide" as in the case of Professor George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University in Philadelphia. At the same time they are protecting hate speech among their own, they label any argument that disagrees with their narrow worldview as "Hate Speech" and try to ban it.

Leftist college students, and the left in general, have dismissed the old free speech mantra of "I may not agree with what you say, but Iíll defend your right to say it", to "I donít agree with what you say, and if you say it Iíll beat you."

In the quiet state of Vermont, former campus of Middlebury College Professor Charles Murray was physically attacked by students when he returned to give a talk to the government department. Professor Eric Clanton, of Diablo Valley, California, assaulted a Trump supporter, bashing his head with a heavy steal bike lock. A gruesome bloody scene

This attack on free speech has expanded from the campuses into the cities. On March 26th, there were rallies in support of the Trump agenda held around the country. Many of these marches were met with physical resistance. Demonstrators in California were assaulted. In Philadelphia, the leftists government stopped the Trump supporters from marching even though they had all the proper permits.

Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher a member of a group called "by any means necessary" has filmed physically assaulting and punching Trump supporters.

Trust me, this is going to get a lot worse before it ends.

This generation has been taught that "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will do far more irreparable damage." They believe in thought crimes and it is their job to punish people who commit these crimes.

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