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July 2011

“This nation will remain the land of the free only
so long as it is the home of the brave.
Elmer Davis (1890-1958)

Northeastern Region Weather Watch: Hazy, hot and humid (1,2,3) with remnants of tropical storm (4,5,6); cloudy in the northern part of the region and showers in the southern part (7,8,9) with storms (10,11,12). Warm and showers in the south (13,14,15,16) with more storms (17,18). Fair and very warm temperatures (19,20,21,22) turning very warm and much more humid (23,24). Storms, mainly in the south (25,26) returning to hazy, hot and humid weather (27,28,29,30,31).

Full Moon: July’s full moon rises on 15th at 1:40am. It has been often referred to by native Americans as thunder moon because of the many severe thunderstorms that occur during the month. It has also been called buck moon because of the rapid growth of antlers in young bucks during this period and ripe Corn Moon because in July, young corn begins to appear on the stalks.

Special notes: those ol’ dog days of summer begin on Sunday, July 3rd. On a historical note, the battle of Gettysburg began on July 1,1863 and on July 11, 1804, vice president Aaron Burr mortally wounded former U.S. treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton in a dual near Weehawken, new jersey

Holidays: celebrate our day of independence on Monday, July 4th safely. Include SPF 15 or higher sun screen if planning outdoors activities, a day or weekend at the beach, or boating. Apply it frequently, especially if swimming. Plan to take along some insect repellant, too. If planning a cookout, check out the grill thoroughly and every aspect of its operation when you replace the propane tank. Check all hoses, couplings, gauges, and the burner jets for undue wear, malfunction, or clogs. To avoid a fire, be sure the grill surfaces are well scrubbed and clean of any grease.

The Garden: repot houseplants that have been kept outdoors if roots start to crowd their containers. If you have to divide plants, give them a chance to recover from having their roots disturbed by keeping them in the shade for at least a week. Tick-proof your yard this summer. Deer are likely to bring ticks into your space so plant species that deer do not eat like the thorny barberry, bugleweed, forsythia, foxglove, and most needle-leaved conifers. Ticks prefer to be in tall grass so keep grass as short as possible.

J. Grubers' Thought for Today's Living:

"Be an important part of the community in which you live by helping to make it a better place each day"

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