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April 2011

ďHere cometh April again and as far as I can see,
the world hath more fools in it then ever before
Charles Lamb (1735-1834)

Northeastern Region Weather Watch:  Showers and cool (1,2,3). Fair and cool weather (4,5) with rain and stormy weather (6,7). Fair and mild (8,9,10) with more showers (it is April, you know!) and some heavy storms, mainly in the southern part of the region (11,12). Fair and cool once again (13,14,15,16,17,18) with yet more showers (19,20,21). Fair and mild (22,23,24,25) with still more showers and STORMS, some severe in the south (26,27,28). April ends with fair skies and much warmer temperatures (29,30).

Full Moon: Aprilís Full Moon rises at 9:44PM EST on the 17th. It has been called Pink Moonative Americans because of the many flowers and trees that begin to bloom during the month of April. It is also has been known as Sprouting Grass Moon because grasses are reborn and start to grow again and Fish Moon because fishing starts to improve as the weather warms.

Special Notes: Earth Day is celebrated on Friday, April 22nd. Call The Earth Day Network at 202.518.0044 or go to for green activities that will help to preserve our struggling planet.

Holidays: Donít fall for any jokes or pranks on April Foolís Day, Friday, April 1st! In 2011, Easter falls on Sunday, April 24th. Be sure to make time to attend the church of your choice on that sacred day and spend quality time with family and friends. Rejoice in this time of rebirth and celebrate the coming of Spring.

The Garden: Spring has been officially here since March 21st and the weather is getting warmer (and wetter!). Now is the time to do some serious Spring cleaning in the garden. Trim back dead foliage and gather up winterís detritus, such as small branches and excess leaves. The soil will be softer now, so weeds will be easier to pull. Trees and shrubs can be planted now, as can many perennials. If the perennial has been grown outside, rather than in a warm greenhouse, plant it as soon as you get it. Otherwise, give it a few days outside in a sheltered location (such as in the shade of a tree) to harden it a bit. Cool season vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and beets can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked. A good test of "soil readiness" is to take a handful of soil and squeeze it. If it remains in a ball, itís too moist and should be allowed to dry further. If it crumbles, start planting!

J. Grubers' Thought for Today's Living:

"Only a fool expects to receive compensation for never accomplishing anything"

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