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 May 2006

"America is great because she is good.
If America ceases to be good,
 America will cease to be great."
Alexis de Tocqueville (1805 - 1859)

For the month of My, temperatures will be above average with precipitation to be below average.

Weather Watch: Showers, Storms (1,2,3). Partly cloudy (4,5,6,7,8,9) with rain and windy, warm temperatures (10,11). Fair and warm (12,13,14) with showers and Storms (15,16). More of the same fair and very warm weather (17,18) with more rain coming 19,20,21,). More fair and warm temperatures (22,23,24,25) with more Storms (26,27). Very warm (28,29,30) with Storms and hot (31).

Tornado Watch: The Almanack sees possible tornado activities on May 15th and 16th. Watch out on the 31st!

Full moon: with so many flowers blooming in may after those April showers, may has naturally become known as the flower moon. It will occur at 1:51am on may 13th. It also has been known as the milk moon because cows appeared to produce much more milk during the month of May.

Special Notes: May is National Bike Month. Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, Washington, D.C. Go for a bike ride with your friends or family and enjoy the warmer days on a bike trail or path. Contact The League at for details on upcoming events.

Holidays: Mother's Day is celebrated on Sunday May 14th. The smallest, thoughtful gesture of flowers or a nice dinner will tell her just how much she means to you. And don't forget Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 20h or Memorial Day on Monday, May 29th. Celebrate the start of the summer season. But do remember to honor those who have served and are still serving. Without our dedicated service branches we would be lost. We owe them all so much for what they have done in the past and most importantly, what they continue to do for us each and every day to protect our liberty and keep us safe.

The Garden: Once your last frost data has passed, warm season crops can be planted. Start seeds for melon and squash. Hold until the end of May, to avert squash bugs and borers. Pruning and Pinching: begin pinching annuals and perennials so the plants fill in and produce more blooms. Prune evergreens when the new growth starts to turn a darker shade of green. Also, prune stone fruits (cherry, almond, peach, nectarine, plum) at bloom time.

J. Grubers' thought for today's living:

"Every person has two educations - one he receives from others and one, more important, which he gives himself"

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