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 May 2005

"A mother is a mother still, the holiest thing alive."
            Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

For the month of may, temperatures will be average with Precipitation to be below average.

Weather watch: windy and mild (1,2,3) with showers, storms (4,5). Fair, windy and warm (6,7) turning cooler with some showers (8,9,10). Fair and mild again (11,12,13,14,15) with cooler temperatures and periods of cold rain (16,17,18,19,20). Fair, windy and milder (21,22,23) with showers retuning (24,25). Fair and warmer (26,27) with more showers and storms (28,29). Fair and mild weather ends the month (30,31).

Tornado watch: The alamanck sees possible tornado activity on may 28th and 29th so be warned!

Full moon: The full moon for may has traditionally been known as flower moon because of the many beautiful flowers that bloom during the month. It is also has been referred to as milk moon because cows seem to produce more milk during this period. Lesser-known names are planting moon and budding moon.

Special notes: The first observance of mother's day was on may 10, 1908 during church services in Grafton, west Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first passenger railroad service in the united states began in 1830 with service between Baltimore and Elliot's mill, Maryland.

Holidays: This year, mother's day falls on Sunday, may 8th. Don't forget that special lady and be sure to honor her by doing something really nice for her! Don't forget armed forces day, Saturday, may 21st and memorial day on Monday, may 30th. Remember that without their dedication and sacrifices, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today. Make every effort to show them your appreciation with a moment of silence as you celebrate their days. Some other celebrations for may include national school nurse day (may 11th), national bike to work day (may 16th), and national missing children day (may 25th).

The garden: Be sure to mulch all garden beds well to help regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and keep weeds down. When ground temperature is 70 degrees f, begin planting vegetables such as okra, pumpkin, sweet potato, eggplant, pepper plants, peanuts, watermelon, black-eyed peas, butter peas and butter beans. Pinch back annuals to encourage bushy compact growth. Annuals appreciate a continual supply of nutrients. Begin to fertilize them moderately on a regular basis.

J. Grubers' thought for today's living:

"Be happy if you can but do not despise those who are otherwise; you know not of their troubles"

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