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Four Years at the Mount

Sophomore Year

Here it comes again

Samantha Strub

(August, 2010) Every summer students prepare to go back to school, from little girls and boys beginning Kindergarten, to middle school kids entering the high school world, to those going to college for the first time, to those beginning their final year. Every student has a story. Some are excited to begin a new journey in life; some are sick of constantly listening to teachers and want to make it for themselves in the world.

As you go through the different grades, your perspective changes. People donít always see this change as it takes place, but once people point it out to you itís important to see if itís for the better or not. I noticed that I had changed after I came home from my first year at college. For one thing, I was now very independent, and it was incredibly hard to move from my "go, go, go" college world to one where not as much was going on and I was governed by rules. I was so used to scheduling just me: making sure that I got to class, work, and field hockey practice; making sure I rode and took care of my horse; making sure I wrote my articles on time, attended freshmen ambassador events and meetings, did my homework, and squeezed some socializing into each day. I was constantly running from one thing to the other. Some days I didnít even get back to my dorm room until 9 pm, after being gone from 10 that morning.

A lot of people would hate to have this schedule, the kind where you pass out when you finally get to bed because you are so tired from running all day. Iím the type of person, however, who thrives on this kind of schedule. I put myself wholeheartedly into everything that I do. I know itís my duty to go to class, do my job, and complete my homework; these are things that are expected from a college kid. Most people are okay with just doing this, but in all honesty I wouldnít be able to do the minimum. I need places to unwind and exercise such as the barn and hockey field. I need to help out the community by being a freshmen ambassador and to pursue my dream of writing. All of these extra activities enable me to do my regular duties to the best of my ability.

What is the point of saying all this? Well, this is my story. Iím not one of the students that just wants to do whatís expected and graduate. I really want to learn and work toward my dreams. I enjoy what is going on right now, but I am always thinking about the future, wondering what will happen and where I will be years from now, working on things that will help me out later in life. I guess you could say that Iím a nerd for getting this much out of the college experience. But maybe itís because Iím a writer, and I look at every opportunity for a way to make an impact on others.

As the days for going back to school come closer, Iím getting more and more excited. A lot of people may not want those endless summer nights to end. In a way Iím bittersweet about them. Sure, they are enjoyable, relaxing and memorable, but Iím ready to get back to my life at school--from the social aspects, to sports and even some days to the schoolwork. I find it scary and exciting to be in all new classes, meeting new people all over again, moving back into the dorms with my roommates, and walking across campus to get food.

As the school year rolls closer, itís time for all students to start thinking about the things theyíll need. Itís a little different for every grade level: some need crayons and markers; some need new clothes and notebooks, while college students need everything except the kitchen sink on top of a $600 book bill. You can measure the intensity just by looking at the list of things that you need for the year. Every person will have their own list that can include anything, from clothes, to new sheets, to containers. My roommate has an interesting item on her list, as she believes that a lamp is very important to have so we can have some decoration and light in our room. This semester my shopping list isnít as extensive. Itís more the things that I wished I had my first year. For me that list means a couple of practical items like containers, plates, and silverware so when I order food that Iím craving while being far away from home, I have something to eat it with. An impractical item that I have become obsessed with this summer is a frappuccino machine with ice trays so I can make my favorite drink in my room, which will be a blessing on those hot days. Such things may seem unimportant, yet they become the only things you think about when you are away from home.

Itís time to start thinking about all the little details in order to go back to school and be ready to hit the books and early morning classes. Letís pray to God Iím going to be able to get up on time. All you can do in order to let your story unfold is prepare the best you can. For some, itís getting on the bus for the first or hundredth time or driving a car to school. For me, itís driving to the Mount for move-in day (or a few days before), unpacking the stuffed car and then letting my story unravel in unbelievable ways.

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