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Historical Photos

Over the years, we've received many photos for contributors all across the country. Many will someday be the focus of stories, but until that time come, we thought you might enjoy seeing them ... if they bring back any memories, please share then with us!

(To see a larger version of the photos, simply click on it - you'll find you can see in the larger versions fascinating.)

Set 9 - Index of photos

Hoke's Store, later Fraley's Store ~ 1913

Brookside Dairy - Now the Shopping Center & Silo Hill - Part of Fort Henry

Old garage on 521 West Main St.  operated by Robert Buddner and Roy Wagerman. 
The location became Wagerman's Tavern and then Green's Bakery and is now a residence

Garage - Location Currently Unknown

View of Emmitsburg Looking East ~ 1907

Main Street 1909 - Looking East

View from Elias church's bell tower ~ 1910

Old Motter House on West Main Street ~ 1910's

Main Street looking West ~ 1909

St. Joseph's Academy

The Senga Gift Shop" was located on the square in the space which is now a part of Crouse's? The shop was Treiber, who is seen in the background. Dr. Treiber operated a drug store which occupied the rest of the space where Crouse's now is. The clerk is Marguerite Peters Wolfe. This picture was taken about 1928.

Emmitsburg Railroad Station at St. Joseph's College - Taken from Frederick St., (South Seton Ave.)

Emmitsburg Railroad Station at St. Joseph's College  - Taken at the Track Level

Annan Brother's House ~ 1880s
(Note cobblestone Street)

Frederick Beard House (right) - 3rd older brick building in Emmitsburg

A birds eye view of Emmitsburg

Emmit House Carriage

Have an old photo of Emmitsburg area?
 If so, please contact us at history@emmitsburg.net and we'll
arrange to have it scanned and added to this collection.

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