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Historical Photos

Over the years, we've received many photos for contributors all across the country. Many will someday be the focus of stories, but until that time come, we thought you might enjoy seeing them ... if they bring back any memories, please share then with us!

(To see a larger version of the photos, simply click on it - you'll find you can see in the larger versions fascinating.)

Set 8 - Index of photos

Ashbaugh's Store, North Seton, Ave ~ 1951

D. S. Gillelan's Cash House ~ 1890s

Same Site Bernard Boyle's Store, East Main Street ~ 1951

Zimmerman's Store ~ 1915
Store to right was formally a Tea Room run by Mary Eckenrode ~ 1940

American Store ~ 1951

Present Day Ott house - prior to that it was the C. A. Harne's Grocery Store, prior to that it was the Isaac S. Annan & Brother General Store. 

Cloyd  Seiss Lumber Yard ~ 1951

Rosensteel's Liquor Store ~ 1951
Store is jus to west of stairs of Mordorf's hotel.  Store was later run by Mr. Myers

Mac's Barber Shop ~ 1951
Franklin Wastler & Mac MsGlaughlin

Mac's Coffee Shop ~ 1951
Grace McDonalds, later bought by Toss Shorb and renamed 'Toss's Dog House'

The Pastry Shop - West Main Street ~ 1951
Green's Bakery, Clay Green.  Shop s now a private residence.
Next to house formally owned by Shirley's family
Open is first shop in the basement of the American Legion

Novelty 5 &10c Store ~ 1951

John O'Donoghue's 5 & Dime Store, located on the east side of S. Seton Ave, in the basement of the hotel, now Staveno's Pizza Shop. The white building in the background is Max's Barber Shop. At the time, the hotel was called Mondorff's Hotel

Zimmerman & Wagerman Garage > 1915

Index of photos:

Have an old photo of Emmitsburg area?
 If so, please contact us at history@emmitsburg.net and we'll
arrange to have it scanned and added to this collection.