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Business Men are Optimistic

(Originally published December 30, 1910 by the Emmitsburg Chronicle)

The Last Twelve Months of Trade of Emmitsburg Merchants

An interview with a number of Emmitsburg's business men discloses the fact that the year 1910 was an exceptional one for this vicinity. The crops were all good, money was apparently easy,: good investments were eagerly sought and more buildings were erected in this neighborhood than have been built for many years past. A better idea of the optimistic feeling that prevails here may be gathered from the words of the merchants themselves, art

Mr. Joseph E. Hoke, a dealer in general merchandise and country produce, reports a very successful year; the past twelve months business being better than ever before.

Mr. C. J. Shuff, of the firm of C. J. Shuff & Co., dealers in sporting goods, general merchandise and novelties, when asked in regard to the year's trade had this to say: "The business throughout the whole year was very satisfactory. The Christmas trade was up to the average, if not, a little better. As the trade was more steady this year and with no particular rush it Was easier to handle and consequently; I could give better satisfaction. There were no complaints coming; the people had the money and seemed to know what they wanted."

Mr. H. C. Harner, who handles staple groceries and does a general merchandising business, says the year as a whole was about the same as last, perhaps a little better, while recent holiday trade was an improvement over last year's.

Mr. E. E. Zimmerman, furniture dealer, says it was the best year he has had, and that the increase in business over other years was very noticeable.

Messrs. Rosensteel & Hemler, proprietors of the Home Bakery, who took charge of the business a little over a year ago, declare that their trade could not have been better, and that it far exceeded their expectations.

Mr. P. E. Kreitz, dealer in groceries and provisions, states that his business during 1910 did not come up to last year's. This may be due to the fact that during the current year Mr. Kreitz decided to do a strictly cash business and discontinue extending credit.

Mr. J. D. Caldwell says his business was very good and that the people not only seemed to have plenty of money but that they spent it freely.

Mr. M. F. Rowe, dealer in. boots, shoes, and rubber footwear, says that business was fair. He has enjoyed a steady and substantial call for his dependable goods.

The business of the firm of Annan &, Brothers has been very good, with a steady trade all season.

Mr. W. S. Troxel, dealer in general merchandise, groceries and provisions, thinks that his business was just about the same as last year. He cannot say that there was any increase.

Messrs. Charles C. Rotering &' Sons, dealers in general merchandise, and clothiers, say that their business during 1910 exceeded any previous year. Not only was. their Pall trade heavy and their Christmas sales exceptionally good, but the whole year ran ahead of last. They enjoyed a steady call for their ready made suits, rain and overcoats and sold nearly four times as many hats and caps as last season.

Mr. James A. Helman, who now handles only a line of staple goods, reports better business this year than last, declaring that sales in felt and rubber goods amount to double that of last season's.

Mr. M. P. Shuff, furniture dealer, says that business is keeping up and that the recent holiday trade was up to the usual.

Mr. Thomas C. Hays, of the firm of J. T. Hays & Son, stated that they had as much work during the past year as they could possibly attend to and more. The Utility Shop Miss Ruth Gillelan has been doing a fine business during the last year.

Messrs. Boyle Brothers Emmitsburg Grain Elevator say that their business has been very good, and that they have no cause whatever to complain.

Mr. John T. Gelwicks, dealer in paints, hardware, etc., reports a very good trade during the past twelve months.

Mrs. J. M. Adelsberger, of the firm of J. M. Adelsberger & Son, says that business has been very satisfactory as far as she can handle it.

Mr. T. E, Zimmerman, pharmacist, and druggist, states that the business as been very good, as usual, during the past year, with a slight increase over 1909.

Mr. Harry Hopp, wholesaler in wines and liquors says that the trade has beer most satisfactory, and double that of last year.

Miss Helen K. Hoke, Milliner, when asked how business had been in her line the past year, replied: "Business with me was fine. It was very much better than during any past year, and that is saying a good deal.

Mr. George T. Eyster, jeweler, reports a very steady business through out the year with more holiday sale this year than last.

Mr. H, W. Eyster, jeweler, says that the past year's business was great than last, while the recent holiday trade was the best since he has been in business.

Frailey Bros, machinists: "There is always something going on here in the shops. We have had plenty of work throughout the year and we have nothing to complain of."

Mr. Charles R. Hoke, of the partner ship of Hoke and Rider, marble dealer and stone cutters, was very much pleased with the amount of business done by them during 1910 and anticipates still greater activity in their line during the ensuing year.

Mr. E. L. Frizell, dealer in coal, fee and seeds, is very much gratified wit the results during the past year, an looks for larger business in 1911.

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