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Emmitsburg's Civil War Soldiers

(Company C, Cole’s Cavalry)

Private John Sponcler: Letters for Proof of Service From Albert Hunter

Submitted by Gary Zeller

Gettysburg June 2nd 1871

This is to certify that John Sponcler was a private of Company "C" Battalion P.H.B. Cav. Maryland Vols. And that he was a good soldier, and that he was wounded at Rectortown Va. In the line of duty as a soldier that in our opinion he has justly earned his pension.

A.M. Hunter, Late Capt.

O.D. McMillan, Late 1st Lieut.

Department of the Interior

May 17, 1878

Pension Office

Albert M. Hunter, late Captain Co. C 1st Bat. P.H.B. Cav. Md. Coles (Coles Md. Cav.) Afterwards recruited to a Regt. Do certify that John Sponcler was a private in my said company C that he was wounded in a skirmish with Rebel cavalry at Rectors Cross Roads on the first day of January 1864 on this line of duty, he was thought to be mortally wounded. He was wounded on the left side, I can not describe the course of the ball. He fell into the hands of the enemy and was a prisoner. I have every reason to believe he was taken up by a scouting party of U.S. Cav. And taken to Warrenton. Upon his return to our command he was still unable to perform the duties of active service and was continued in the hospital as attendant. He claims to have recieved a commision as hospital steward, this I did not know.

I have no interest direct or indirect in this claim.

A.M. Hunter

Late Capt. Co C 1st Bat. P.H.B.

Md. Cav. Coles

County of Adams

State of Pennsylvania

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of May 1873 and I know that A.M. Hunter is a credible witness.

A.J. Cover

John Sponcler was a private in my company (Company "C" Coles Maryland cavalry) and previously Company "C" Battalion P.H.B. Cav. Md. Vols. A detachment of above organization while on a scout as is near Rectortown Va. On the 1st day of January 1864 were in an engagement with Col. John Mosby when the above named John Sponcler was wounded while in the line of duty, by a bullet striking him in the left side near the hip bone. My command was defeated and the said John Sponcler was left on the field. This happened about 2 o’clock pm. The afternoon and night following was intensely cold. I was out the whole night and know it from experience to have been as cold if not the coldest night of the whole war.

He returned to the regimental hospital two or three months afterwards badly crippled. He told me the following which I have every reason to believe is true.

That he was wounded by being struck by a bullet in the left side while in the engagement with Col. Mosby. It occured around 2 o’clock pm. That he was not taken from the battlefield until nearly 9 o’clock that night. That his feet were wet and during the intense cold that followed his foot was frozen.

That he remained at Rector’s house over four weeks without treatment his being taken away by a scouting party of Pa. Cavalry, taken to Warrenton, Alexandria, Sandyhook and to our regimental hospital.

His crippled condition when he returned was, to my mind, good evidence of the truth of his statement. I do not recollect that he ever done a days active duty after his return. He was a good soldier, always ready for duty when called upon.

I further state I have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

A.M. Hunter

Late Capt. Co. "C" Coles Md. Cav.