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Emmitsburg's Civil War Soldiers

(Company C, Cole’s Cavalry)

Private John Sponcler: Birth and Baptism Records for Pension

Submitted by Gary Zeller

Emmitsburg, Md.

April 24, 1913

Mr. John Sponsler

Rorbors, Wahsington

My Dear Bro.

I received your letter of the 18th Inst. making inquiry concerning the dates of your birth and baptism in the record of our Lutheran Church.

I am sorry to say that the early records of births, baptisms and confirmations were destroyed by fire in 1863.

We have no records of that kind earlier than 1850. The Lutheran Minister of Taneytown and Emmitsburg in 1844 was Rev. Solomon Sentman and by him you were probably baptized.

The morning I asked Mr. John Hospelhorn whether he recollected you and he said he did and that you and he were distantly related. He wishes to be kindly remembered to you. He married Lydia Sheets, a daughter of Daniel Sheets. I am sending you a picture of the inside of our Church. It was built in 1797, but some changes were made at different times. I have been the pastor now for 20 years.

Many changes of course have taken place here since you knew Emmitsburg. I regret very much that I have to disappoint you in your search for your desired date of baptism and birth.

As Rev. Soloman Sentman lived in Taneytown, Md. When he served Emmitsburg, it is possible there might be a record in Taneytown. A letter to Rev. L.B. Hofer of that place would give you that information

With best wishes I am sincerely yours,

Chas. Reinewald, Pastor